Stringify not seeing Dome Water Shut off valve things in SmartThings Hub

I successfully connected my Dome shut off valve to my Samsung SmartThings hub v2 and can control it from the SmartThings interface without any problem.
From Stringify, I am able to connect to SmartThings hub , but it retrieves all objects except that valve.

I followed this procedure to add the valve into SmartThings hub since it was not built in by default.

Why the Dome valve is not showing up in Stringify ?
Any ideas anyone !?!

I contacted Stringify Support and here is their answer:
“Unfortunately we don’t support the Dome Valve. Others have figured out that they can control it via Stringify by adding a virtual switch then using a SmartApp to make the virtual switch on/off control the dome valve open/close.”

What I’m trying to do, is to use my Insteon water leak detector from Stringify to close the Dome Valve if water detected.

Have you tried using the standard Z-Wave Water Value DTH and assign it to your device after pairing it

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Not sure what you’re talking about ?!?
I’m new to this, can you be more explicit…

See the instructions here on how to install a custom device handler.

Look at steps 3 and then 9 to 14.

When it comes to selecting the Device type select Z-Wave Water Valve from the list.

I was already set to “Z-Wave Water Valve”…
So I set it up to “Dome Water Shut-Off” since it was in the list. I can now see it in Stringify when I do Re-connect which I couldn’t before, but then when I authorize it and I click on “See Details”, the valve is not listed in the supported devices. Consequently it is not added as a thing in Stringify