Issues with Dome Water Shut-Off and GE Z-Wave switches....need help

I have the samsung hub, 2 Samsung water leak detectors, a Dome water shut-off and a GE Z-wave switch. I set up an automation in the app to be notified if the leak detectors detect water, they work perfect. I can touch the two contacts to metal and i get an instant notification. However, I was going on vacation so I set up an automation to have my GE switch turn on at 8pm and off at 6am, also an automation to have the Dome turn off the water if a leak was detected.
A couple days into vacation I decided to look at my Nest camera and see if the light was doing its routine, it wasn’t even close. It was turning on at like 3pm and off at 1 am, or on at like 12pm and off at 7 or 8. So I ended up turning off the automation and just turning the light on myself at night.
Also 2 seperate times within the first couple days of being gone, I checked the status of my devices in the app and noticed at least 2 times the Dome valve had closed. I had an automation to only close if the leak detectors sensed water. I never received a notification that a leak was detected nor did I find any leak when I returned home. So I am not sure why it kept closing. I thought about just sending it back and getting a refund.
I am at a loss on why these 2 devices have a mind of their own so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Are you using the SmartThings Classic app or the new SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app?

Also, have you set your location in the app?

I’m using the new app, I tried to use the classic but I can’t log into it. It says the welcome code is already used or something.
No, i didn’t have my location set, I found a setting in the app called “Use location information” and I just turned that on.

That setting enables the app to use your phones location, but you need to go to the Devices tab, select your specific location from the dropdown at the top, click the 3 dots in the upper right, choose edit and then set the geolocation. That way your location has a time zone.

Thanks, got that set now. So that might explain why my automation for my lights wasn’t working right since maybe it had the wrong time zone. I don’t think location should affect the Dome valve, right? So not sure why that kept closing

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It shouldn’t. If you login to you can find the device and view a log for it. The classic app also shows history for the device. Try using the existing user login with your same credentials.

regarding unexpected valve closure, other people have been reporting extra false-water-leak-alarms which seems cloud-driven in the last week or so. Plus the hardware may false itself.

You could just close it and keep it closed unless you have sprinklers or something essential.

Looks like you can only go back 7 days in the log? So I can’t see a full week I was gone, including the days I noticed it shut the valve. It did go offline and back online quite a few times. I unplugged it and left it unplugged 5 days ago but it looks like in the log, 2 days ago it went online then back offline??

It’s on my main water line coming into my house so I can’t close it and leave it closed. I eventually want to get more leak detectors so I don’t have to worry about my basement flooding in the case of a leak.

correct, they only keep 7 days of history

You should contact ST support and work with them in regards to logging into the ST Classic app.

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