Dome Leak Sensor vs Zooz Water Sensor

Does anybody know what functional difference there is between the Dome Z-Wave Plus Leak Sensor (DMWS1) and the Zooz Z-Wave Plus Water Sensor (ZSE30)? What justifies the premium price for the Dome ($50) over the Zooz ($30)?

I’m pretty sure those are the exact same device. I don’t have them on hand to verify though.

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You probably saw this already but the Dome has a built in alarm and does not require a custom DTH. Zoos does require a custom DTH to use with Smartthings.

I’ve used the SmartThings Water Leak Sensors for about a year now and it has caught 2 leaks from my washing machine. But there is no probe with the ST sensor.

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They both require a custom DTH to configure the alarm. You can find both vendor approved DTHs in my GitHub SmartThings Repository

Is it just copy and paste for those? Nothing in the section for Github integration.

I use SmartThings instead of SmartThingsPublic so the GitHub settings are:


Oh ok, I looked in the area I had for you setup already and didn’t see it, I’ll add this thanks, I did the copy and paste and the valve device is working great, just waiting on the sensors to show up