Does this dimmer in Hello Home work anymore or is it me?

Lately I have noticed with hello homes… This dimmer settings has no affect at all with the hues…or is it just me… Works fine with custom SmartApps.

Have you ever taken your multi-router setup down to a single unit? I did that a few days ago and found everything snappier with ST.

In my original layout with multi AP only the main router handled DHCP, and all such settings were off on the APs just as they should have been. Despite this it was definitely the cause of many issues as ST is working great since. Well, except that I have a Nest and Sonos (squeezebox) that are now out of range. Our house is large, and there are several dead spots even though I have 802.11AC.

Two AEBS 6th gen (ethernet connected) on different floors with the main handling DHCP. Removing one from the equation is not an option. :frowning: Can live without Sonos(ethernet connected) but I have to have the Dropcams, Ecobee etc. Signal strength is superb and blazing fast internet.

My biggest complaint is with Philips Hue integration which has been problematic for nearly all users with one or multiple routers.

Understood. I need to find a way to get a second unit playing nicely again with ST. Fortunately, the bulk of our wifi usage is still within full signal range.

Aside from that issue the difference with ST is substantial. All hues are switching on/off precisely as they should and hello home functions finally work as written. I’m still experiencing intermittent drops with my WeMo switch, but I’m chalking that up to Belkin at the moment.

How many hues in hello home?

I have 11 hue/hue friends products, but only a maximum of seven fire in any given mode.

I have a mode that sees two hues fire if a door is opened followed by four more hues if motion is detected in the adjoining room. That action changes the first two to match the different white level of the other four. If all of this happens at a certain time of night, and specific people are home, all six hues change to movie watching colors with a set of hue lightstrips firing behind the TV. In this particular “showtime” mode you will have multiple hues changing several times within a moment, and since removing my wireless APs it hasn’t missed a beat.
It also sets the Nest to a set temp.

Oh, and like you I had blazing fast speed with zero issues from other devices with my multi setup.

@pd_ unfortunately I cannot have my old late sixties split level house covered by a single router. Zwave devices and anything but hues are rock solid including hello homes which doesn’t involve hues. Of course the known general issues with dashboard, scheduled events are there. The usual ST failures, I mean. Guess will use the stock/third party apps with them which is instant on/offs for all 13 hues and family.