Does the ST Motion Sensor Measure Humidity?

I was originally looking at the ST Temp/Humidity sensor for some room temp/humidity measurements, but that sensor don’t seem to be sold in retail stores like the other sensors are (Best Buy, Home Depot). But looking at the Amazon page for the ST Motion sensor, it seems to lead on that the ST Motion, Water Leak, and Multi Purpose sensors measure Temp & Humidity:

"Receive alerts when it’s too cold, hot, or humid in your home." - Look at the comparison chart.

So I’m thinking, great! I can use it for motion and temp/humidity. After pairing it up, I’m only seeing temperature & motion though.

Was this just a mistake on the Amazon comparison chart or is there another way to set it up to get humidity?

That chart looks wrong. As far as I know, that sensor only does motion/temp.

It looks like Amazon has that page under review so someone probably reported it. The motion one only does motion and temp - just checked mine.

Also the moisture sensor doesn’t do humidity, either - unless you count the 100% (i.e. wet) kind. Looks like a copy/paste error on someone’s part.

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Thanks for calling that out, I just let that team know.

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