Google Home and Temperature/Humidity Values

I have been reading through all of the threads to do with Google home being able to retrieve Temp and Humidity data from ST sensors. The usually say "change the handler to ‘Thermostat’, and this results in getting the temp, not the humidity and google home ends with ‘and is off’, since it thinks its a thermostat. Most of these also said that when the discussions was taking place the GH API hadn’t been released. I am wondering if there are any advances on this yet? Basically I want to be able to ask GH ‘what is the temp and humidity in room a’.


do you have the old smart sense temp/humidity sensor or the smartthings multipurpose sensor? I thought the latter didnt track humidity?

Xiaomi multi sensor.

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ah, I haven’t tried these device handlers but looks like a good amount of functionality in these DTHs.

When I ask GH for the humidity upstairs it reads the humidity status from my nest thermostat. Wish I could help more :frowning:

Hi… may i know how to ask GH report temperature from Smartthings Multipurpose sensor?

I modified the device handler to include

capability “Thermostat”

It tells you temp or humidity when you ask. If its tamp GH is giving you it also tells you it is ‘off’, since it thinks it a thermostat.


I am using an old st motion sensor and changed the type to “Thermostat Capability” in IDE and it works with my Google home (assigned under a certain room), I was just using the sensor as temperature sensor anyway since the motion part was long dead


Instead of creating a new tread I ask here…

Did anyone managed to solve it yet… have tried to search the forum but couldn’t find anything…
Furthermore, the icon in google home looks more like a A/C instead of a thermostat… can you fix this…