Multipurpose sensor and humidity

Does the multipurpose sensor I longer read humidity, on amazon it says it does. But when I change the setting in ide nothing shows up.

What’s the exact brand and model of the sensor? Different ones have different features.

Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor

There have been a couple of different models of that, but as far as I know, they all do temperature but none of them do humidity.

Do you have a link to the Amazon description?

The description for the current model says temperature, but not humidity:

@JDRoberts is right @Derrek113116. ST use to have a temperature and humidity sensor, but it’s no longer available. PEQ may still have them.


The Aeon multisensor six Will report humidity, temperature, and vibration, but it doesn’t have a Contact sensor. So I don’t know if that’s of any interest or not.

Everspring also has a sensor which does just humidity and temperature:

Thank you jd, you always help me out that’s what I thought. looked at one of the “answers” they said yes humidity. Just wanted to make sure

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Ok got it!! Now how do I make it display humidity on the home screen and not motion

Here is a slightly cheaper alternative. I have been using it since the Smartthings sensor is not available anymore (which is working great but was way overpriced for what it does).

Or also available here:

I am using it with this device handler:

In the device handler you can actually select what parameter you want as main parameter.