Does Smartthings work with MyQ?

Does Smartthings work with MyQ and Echo?

Search these forums for MyQ. You will find a lot of discussion about this.

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Thanks Mark. All I find is it doesn’t work with Alexa.


You can set-up virtual switches in SmartThings and then control those via Alexa.

It does. You will need a MyQ gateway. I use Alexa Helper to create and manage my virtual switches. Lastly you can use the Echo’s routines to create a natural language command to open or close. “Alexa, pleas open the right garage door”

Oh but it does.

Search harder. Goto the official thread posted above and do a search for Alexa and select this topic only. You will find dozens of entries related to Alexa and virtual switches to accomplish. When installing MyQ Lite, you have the option of creating the Garage Door Opener / Closer Push buttons (added as devices) and those can be used with Alexa. You need to read through the whole installation guide as well.

Does anybody know if I can use the extra buttons on MyQ opener to trigger actions with other Smartthings devices (instead of turning on a MyQ light switch, have it turn on a SmartThings device)?

Smartthings & MyQ Liftmaster Garage Door Controller

I have a MyQ Garage Door Opener.

I have published the suggested ""
I have successfully added the MyQ Lite to my Smart Apps, and it created 2 Buttons on my Phone Smartthings Screen.

However, when I press “Garage Door Opener Open” I get a pop-up error… “Can’t connect to Device. Check Device and try again.” Same with Close.

I rechecked my MyQ setting in Smartthings and Logon Email and Password are perfect.

Note: The Garage Door works fine with the MyQ App Liftmaster App.

Can you give me some guidance ?


Not sure I can help to be honest.

I recommend that you post this issue in the link provided in post #3 above. You will likely get more attention there.


I just found out that last year, MyQ Chamberlain/Liftmaster decided to discontinue the partnership and interface between themselves and Smartthings.

Nobody things of the users.

Yes, documented well in the thread link I gave you. But the new solution in that link works. If you have issues please post in that thread.

I am so sorry, but I don’t seem to be able to find it.
Things are harder when you get old. LOL.

Can you provide me a like to the new Solution you are referring to.

According to your earlier post you already have it installed. You noted some problems and I recommended you visit [RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)
to get some help.

You said the link between ST and myQ was pulled and that is true for the original integration. The link above is for the current implementation that does work.

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Found it.
I was missing 1 of the Device Handlers.

Thanks for all your help !!

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