[WITHDRAWN] MyQ LiftMaster/Chamberlain

Which is the right device handler that I need to be installing then? I would like to get this working again, ASAP. Thank you.

Are you using a contact sensor on the door? If so, just install the myq-garage-door-opener.groovy device type.

If not using a sensor, you need to install the myq-garage-door-opener-nosensor.groovy type. Also, if you choose the option to have push button devices created, you’ll also need the momentary-button-tile.groovy type.

There is also the Light Controller type if you have a lamp module.

Beyond that, the only way to really tell is to check the logs while you install to see why it’s blowing up.

It’s odd. Despite the rhetoric emanating from Chamberlain about how they are actively working TOWARD integrations (such as with ST and Alexa), in the past few weeks we now see they have twice BROKEN the existing integrations! I am tempted to return my MyQ gateway (still within 90 Home Depot days), and resume my assault on that company. It’s ridiculous that I have to rebuild the Alexa integration every three weeks.

I was simply using the copy-ninja stuff before. While the polling broke, forcing me to do a manual refresh to determine if the door was up or down, I could do that and it would report correctly. I could also open/close the door from ST. Then the other day it just stopped working, so I wandered in here and found the updates you posted. I removed the copy-ninja stuff and replaced with yours. Obviously I need more.

I mean, to be fair, that integration is for their MyQ mobile app, and they got it updated just fine. We just piggyback on it and mimic the same requests. It’s very common for companies to update API’s, but they have no obligation to let us know exactly what they’re changing since what we’re doing isn’t supported by them.

Yeah I get all that. Nonetheless, it kinda flies in the face of things they’ve been saying.
I’ll give them some slack right now, but I do find that disconcerting when they claim to wish to create goodwill as they move toward HomeKit and Alexa (and ST) integration.

Do you think you could post or PM me links to the device handlers I need to be using?

Ok guys, I had to switch out my router this weekend and reset my MyQ. I was trying to set it back up but the login page in the smart app for myQ Connect doesn’t display… Am I out of luck since I know the app is no longer really supported?


You need to install Brian’s version. This app is no longer supported as you know. I have put Brian’s version’s github here: https://github.com/brbeaird/SmartThings_MyQ

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Thanks got it installed, but I can’t uninstall the old MyQ Connect app, getting “Unexpected error occurred” but nothing in the logs…

For that one, I’d suggest going in and trying to delete the old MyQ connect
door device first - make sure it’s been removed from all routines and

I am a new member and I have being reading your posts. I am not a developer or programmer but would love to connect my liftmaster MyQ garage hub to be controlled with ST instead of me going to their app. I only have 1 garage and need the option to open and close it. I see you have a way to do it. Can you please provide me detailed steps how do I go about linking my garage hub to ST.

Second question, I have alarm.com IQ panel that is also a hub I can control smart lights. I use to have all automation on the alarm.com panel. Once I got ST, I removed them from alarm.com panel and moved to ST because I don’t think you can link lights to both hub, I have tried but panel cannot find smart light on IQ panel when I try to pair lights. My main reason for wanting to pair ST to IQ panel is so when I arm my alarm, ST will know alarm is armed and I can create a rule to turn Off all lights when Armed Away is set.

Any way this is possible. I don’t need to add or control my lights from alarm.com, I just need ST to link to alarm.com IQ panel so it knows when armed is set so I can make a rule on ST to turn off all lights. Can you assist?

Now with the latest software update on Android, your Open/Close buttons no longer work.

Can you be more specific? Are you talking about the momentary push buttons that you can create (typically if you’re not using a door sensor)? Are you pushing them in the mobile app and nothing happens? You may try reinstalling the SmartApp in case those somehow became disconnected from the rest of the code where they’re not triggering the open/close functions. Otherwise, I’d have to see some log entries to know what happens when you’re pressing the button.

I can confirm that it is not working (at least on Android). If I try to authenticate again, I get an “Error - bad state. Unable to complete page configuration”

from the logs:

9218558b-517a-4510-ba5e-9dd59b2b971b 5:58:43 PM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: groovy.util.slurpersupport.NodeChildren.isArray() is applicable for argument types: () values: []
Possible solutions: isEmpty(), every()
9218558b-517a-4510-ba5e-9dd59b2b971b 5:58:42 PM: debug got login response: groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseDecorator@62e5aced

We that’s a problem.

I was wondering why my Garage Door Button would not work.

Is there a work around ?




I just found out that last year, MyQ Chamberlain/Liftmaster decided to discontinue the partnership and interface between themselves and Smartthings.

Nobody things of the users.

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