Does QUBINO THERMOSTAT 2 work with Smartthings?

Has anyone tried using the Qubino thermostat 2 to measure temperature with the probe?
Does it need custom code or does it just work directly?

Did you get an answer to this? Trying to move my Qubino thermostats to ST but not very impressed with the compatibility…

No i used different solution with a sonoff th16 and ewelink
It’s not perfect but worked good enough for my application

Ok, thanks

What is the Qubino thermostat ?

Zwave, zigbee, wifi ??

It’s a z-wave thermostat ZMNHID1 that can control valves for floor heating.

If you ask Mariano in the below linked thread he may be able to help

He will need as much info as possible about the device, if you get stuck with installation of drivers or where to find them, ask ask ask, plenty folks willing to help