Does Disney Circle Integrate with Connect Home?

We have the Samsung Connect Home mesh system and love it. I’ve had a lot of trial and general disappointment with internet filtering software, and several friends recently suggested I try the Disney Circle system, as they love it. I’m very interested, but don’t see the Connect Home listed as a compatible Wifi router. I emailed them and basically received a professional and polite response saying the best way to find out is to buy one.

I’m curious if anyone here has actual experience with it, and can attest to it working with the Connect Home?

Thank you!

Just from looking at the specs, it appears to me that it should work to create parental controls for Wi-Fi connected devices, but probably not for ethernet connected devices. So I’m not sure if that would meet your requirements or not.

However, it’s possible that it will not work with the Samsung smartthings model which has Plume as its Wi-Fi mesh. You specifically asked about the “connect home“ model which is the older model. ( The newest model is just called “Samsung smartthings Wi-Fi.“)

That said, just this month Samsung announced that the newer model, the one with plume, is adding parental controls for Wi-Fi devices which are very similar to the ones with Disney circle.

With AI-based mesh Wi-Fi technology from Plume, a built-in SmartThings Hub and these latest security controls, parents can create the most customized internet experience while preventing streaming latency and dreaded Wi-Fi buffering. SmartThings Wifi users can access these new controls and features by updating the SmartThings and Plume app to version 2.2.1 in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

But that will not work with the older “Samsung connect“ models because they don’t have plume.

So if you already own the Samsung Wi-Fi router, check the model number to see if it is the connect or the plume enabled version.

If it’s the plume enabled version, I would just use the parental controls that come with it.

If it’s the older “Samsung connect“ version, I think you can try Disney circle and it may work for Wi-Fi connected devices, but it’s not going to work for ethernet connected devices unless you also have a netgear router.

But all of this is just from reading the specs. So I would definitely buy from someplace with a good return policy in case it turns out that none of the Disney options work.

Thank you very much! We have the original Connect Home 3-pack. The Circle With Disney looks appealing because the parental controls and filtering follows each device (including Kindle Fire) even on 4G or other WiFi hotspots (with monthly subscription, of course). I’ll probably buy from Amazon since I’m comfortable with their return policy. We’ve tried Norton (most current), Mobicip, NetNanny, and others. Each have strengths, but each also has distinct drawbacks. I’m hoping Circle really fits the bill, but if it won’t integrate with my Connect Home system, it’ll be a deal-breaker.

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