SmartThings Connect Home

Is there a release date for the Connect Home router/hubs?

Being able to spread the mesh and WiFi together looks really useful for our home.

That model has been discontinued all together. The new generation is just called “Samsung Wi-Fi.“ and now includes plume technology.

But no word yet on when it might be released for the UK and it hasn’t been zwave certified there yet.

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That’s useful to know (though disappointing)

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Helpful comment @JDRoberts, thanks. Have you heard when it might be released in the UK (or has anyone else heard who’s reading)?

I’m on the cusp of buying a mesh system and hub and this set up seems about as good as any, if not better from the reviews I’ve read. Cheers!

Still not zwave certified for the UK. :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks @JDRoberts. This makes me wonder if Samsung are actually 100% committed to introducing this product into the UK market. Right now it seems they aren’t. Shame on you Samsung!

That’s disappointing as this would really help in our house

Any further updates on UK release date?