Samsung Connect Home Pro Smart WiFi

Hi. Is anybody usung this device. Is it still worth or i should proceed with Nest wifi?

The connect home is definitely not worth it: it was a first generation device which has been discontinued. So the real question is is the “Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi with plume“ Wi-Fi mesh router, worth it, which is the current generation.

In my personal opinion, no, it is not worth it, for a couple of reasons. It’s better to just get a good Wi-Fi mesh router system and then a standalone SmartThings/Aeotec hub.

Reasons to not get either of the two generations of the SmartThings Wi-Fi mesh models

  1. even the newest generation really feels like an end of life model. It’s Noticeably behind the other models in updates. And significantly while Aeotec was selected as the hardware partner for the V3 SmartThings hub and most of the Zigbee sensors, Aeotec did NOT sign on as a partner for the Wi-Fi mesh versions, and no other partner was ever selected.

  2. multiple users have reported that over the last six months or so various basic features have stopped working, including ethernet backhaul. That’s a pretty basic feature for a Wi-Fi mesh system, so it’s concerning that not only does it seem to be broken, it doesn’t look like anyone is working on fixing it. You can find threads in the forum discussing this.

  3. The biggest one for me, to be honest, was an issue even when this design was brand new. Unlike pretty much every other Wi-Fi mesh router now available, the Samsung models require an active Internet connection to their own cloud to run Wi-Fi. That’s not typically true in the industry. “Wi-Fi“ and “Internet“ are not the same thing. You should be able to run Wi-Fi within your own house even if your Internet is down. Apple does it for HomeKit and now almost everybody does it for matter over Wi-Fi. You might need Internet to first set up your account, but once you have everything set up, you should be able to have local Wi-Fi without an active Internet connection. But not for the Samsung models. This means these models can never be fully local, even for matter.

(When Eero first launched, it had the same deficiency, but they corrected it after a year or so so now they run like everybody else. Eero models don’t need active Internet connection in order for your Wi-Fi to function within your house.)

Again, all of the above is true, but the conclusion is just my own opinion. I would move on and get something else, but others may feel differently. Choice is good. :sunglasses:


Thank you very much. Not cinsidering it any more :blush: