Does the Samsung Connect Home Pro work with the Smartthings WIFI

Does the Smartthings WIFI router work with the Connect Home Pro to extend the wifi mesh and sensor range?

For example instead of purchasing SmartThings Wifi Mesh Router three pack can you get one SmartThings Wifi router and two Samsung Connect Home Pro to achieve the same outcome, which is to have Smarththing running on a mesh WIFI network that extends WIFI and Smartthings component connectivity.

doubt it. SmartThings wifi uses Plume for network management, which the Connect Home doesn’t have.

those are incompatible.

This is stupid… I was told by tech support on the phone that they were compatible, which is why I bought some connect home hubs…

what a disappointment… plume should be able to control the connect homes as they are the same platform really

Not at all. Plume handles all the network management on SmartThings wifi. Connect Home does its own network management. Kinda like saying why doesn’t an Android app run on an iPhone.

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That is a bad analogy as both run the same firmware… i think the only major difference is memory and cpu

The firmware number refers to the SmartThings hub side. Doesn’t refer to the firmware for the whole device. And even then, the same firmware version can have device specific differences. i.e. iOS 12.3 runs on both iPhones with a home button and iPhones without, so it can handle both a physical button and no physical button.

Your analogy is still bad since the iPhone platform allows interconnection between all computers with IOS and does not discriminate whether “any” has a button or not.
In this case, it is unpresentable that Samsung does not allow compatibility between all its Smart devices and keeps the old Connect Home Pro (which by the way have very good hardware, 1.7Ghz 4x4 mu-mimo CPU, ac2600) separate from the new WIFI Smartthings.

When you say ‘does it’s own’ - does that mean without user intervention or should I be using an app like Plume to manage network separate from SmartThings app?

As in the Connect Home doesn’t support Plume. I assume its managed through the SmartThings app.