Arlo integration questions

I have a smartthings setup for my uncle at his house and he just purchased an arlo pro setup as well. I got the arlo configures for him however I had a few questions, since it’s been a while I messed with ST and Arlo:

  1. With the Arlo integration, can I leverage the arlo cameras a motion detectors in smartthings? Is there a way to have smartthings (using webCoRE or SHM) turn on lights based on arlo detecting motion, or sending notifications?

  2. I know once you integrate ST with Arlo, there is a “Smartthings” mode that shows up. Iirc, the best practice is to delete this mode and leave the Arlo set to armed, is this true?

Are there any other “tricks” to the integration or recommended DTHers or is the stock the way to go?

Thank you!

  1. Yes
  2. Yes

I have a virtual switch called “ArmArlo”. WHen I turn it on, through IFTTT it switches between Armed and Unarmed modes in Arlo.

@Dan_Fox thanks for the reply. The cameras are outdoor only so they are to be armed at all times. In this case, I will delete the Smartthings mode and leave it to Arlo armed. I will then look around webcore to see how I can leverage the motion detection from the cameras.