Do Routines actually work?

Ok, I’ve got my Goodbye routine to supposedly trigger 10 minutes after 2 presence sensors leave.

The presence sensors correctly report as learning but the away never triggers?

Mine all work, BUT generally they don’t, IF they time out, IF they change the SHM mode, IF you mix on/off switches and dimmers and then you try to set levels, IF…Anyway, you get the picture. The best way to see what’s preventing them from completing is to check your live logging in IDE. Happy ghost hunting!


Mine have been working fine, although I’ve been having an issue with goodnight for a few days. I’ve just found a ccnflict I hadn’t realised was there after I introduced a new rule. I’ve now removed it so will see what happens tonight. Worth checking all the apps linked to the presence sensors to make sure nothing else is over-riding it.

Hi buddy. I would suggest trying rule machine smart app. I use it to be certain that routines are triggering. For example to set Goodbye it validates that all presence sensors leave then completes goodbye. At 11.00pm it auto triggers good night and at 7.30 am it triggers good morning

I’m with Darren.

I’ve moved all my routines over to Rule Machine now and unsurprisingly this is the first full week where everything has worked flawlessly.

Takes a bit of setting up but once it’s done it’s fantastic.

Thanks for suggesting Rule Machine, it works.

I deleted all the routines now and just use that.


only really used rule machine to force Routines though on ST. Glad your sorted :smiley: