Routine won't trigger?

My “Goodbye” routine won’t trigger. Me and my wife leave for work, and nothing happens. In the presence area, we are both marked as “Away”, yet to routine based on “Everyone Leaves” simply won’t trigger.

Is there a issue with Android 6.0 and the SmartThings, or is there a deeper issue with my Hub/software?

(I also have other time based routines that don’t seem to trigger, but the location based one is driving me mad)

It is a known issue… and behaves the same way here. Other apps trigger on presence, but not my away routine.

Support says they’re working on it, but also suggested deleting all of your routines and creating them from scratch to see if that would get them working. Seems to me like they don’t really know what the cause is.

See here :smile:

Use Rule Machine to force Routines, that’s the only way I got them to work.