Routines not triggering and/or are partially executing

You must be new around here… Only joking with you!

In all seriousness, I wouldn’t expect that to happen.


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This can easily be created with Rule Machine, and it will work. I didn’t even notice that my routines were not firing for almost a week, since I re-created what I wanted done by routines with Rule Machine.

I have a similar rule that says at 9:25pm if the state of the front door lock is unlocked, lock it. It would be the exact same logic for checking state of a door, then react if the state is open.

We all can’t thank Bruce (@bravenel) enough for Rule Machine - such an incredible service he has done for the entire SmartThings Community!

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Thank you for the tip Rick! I wasn’t aware of Rule Machine. It sounds like it’s exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll check it out.

Seems to be the case for me. My evening times routine is inconsistent. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

What is interesting is that my morning timed routine works flawlessly.

All of my routines work, BUT…there is a catch…

this is one of many problems I am having. I have done everything they asked me to do, rebuilt routines etc, and in the end it keeps failing. this is becoming a miserable joke. Today when i was 3 miles away it opened my garage and unlocked my doors, saying I was back. then when I actually got back I could not disable the sirens even with turning on the alarm and off again. The failure rate of smartthings is far greater than its success rate. This feels like a garage product not one owned by Samsung. V1 actually worked better then this flaming piece of c^&p. Im truly about done with this product. every update seems to make it worse.

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I built a simple “Lights on at Sunset” routine and it blatantly didn’t even fire tonight. Nothing in the logs…

A less techy friend of mine just purchased a house and is looking for some simple, but reliable automation (lights on at sunset) and I’m having a hard time recommending SmartThings

Just purchased ST at Christmas… I set up a simple routine called “Dusk” to turn on the back door light 30 min after sunset. It worked for the first 4 days. Then today nada… It’s about as simple of a routine as you can get… I guess ST isn’t ready for prime time. Was really hoping this would work and am disappointed. How can Samsung sell a product that’s not even close to ready?

Normally the notification says:
Performing “Dusk” for you at sunset as requested
I turned on the light back door entry and dimmed the lights to 100%.

Then tonight it only says:
Performing “Dusk” for you at sunset as requested

It never turned on the light… When I manually ran the routine it worked fine… Any ideas?

There tend to be peaks of event traffic at popular times that can cause problems with Routines, or anything, running at that moment. Best practice for now is to offset the time by a few or several minutes from things like sunset, 9:00 pm, etc.

It runs 30 after sunset… And I assume sunset is different times for most… Anyway, thanks for the reply. Can you explain peak times? I amused the routines were saved locally on the hub so I don’t understand peak times since I’m the only one using my hub. After all if the routines were run from the cloud how would they execute with no internet or power? After all that’s why the hub has battery backup right?



You are correct. If your routines run locally, then what I wrote is irrelevant. There cannot be peak time for local processing.

Local processing at the present time is extremely limited, basically just a few lighting automations. At present, routines do not run locally.


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I have my Good Morning routine setup to run at 5:40 am every weekday and all it does is turn on some lights, turn on the TV, and disarm the Smart Home Monitor. It randomly doesn’t run which is frustrating, because it’s a secondary wake up alarm for me.

I’m starting to see this behavior as well.

Goodbye will run, but not do (or even say it did) the things that it is supposed to do (turn off lights, turn on SHM, etc)

Other times it will run and there are no problems.

Quite frustrating.

Do the routines work if you trigger manually? I have Rule Machine backing up non-time triggered routines and Tasker/Sharptools backing up time based routines. Backups have not failed to date.

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They do work manually, but with the same inconsistencies. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

I’ve been meaning to set up a RM back up. Guess I was hoping I wouldn’t have to.

I’m also experiencing these issues. It’s my first dive into home automation and quite frankly I’m unimpressed with the reliability of ST.

I have my “Goodbye!” and “I’m Back!” routines set to activate when my presence sensor leaves / returns but they never seem to run?! I can see in the activity feed that the status of the presence sensor is being detected correctly.

We shouldn’t have to create “backups” in Rule Machine!

I have a very simple setup with routines that are supposed to trigger simply based on time of day and nothing else. No custom device types, all fully supported/certified devices included in the routines and I’ve had nothing but inconsistent issues and have had multiple tickets in with support, one of which is still open and has been for months now. I’m going to give rule machine a shot today and see if I can ditch all of my smart lighting and routines to convert everything over. I’m really hoping this works. If not, my last resort is to use my Logitech Harmony hub to program routines so the timing of these events actually works and is reliable but I haven’t started down that path yet.

Routines which were working properly suddenly are not…which, from what I read in this thread, is not something that’s exactly new. What is interesting is that the SmartThings app is reporting that it has successfully completed actions…which it hasn’t–turned off lights, locked door. When you check out the actual Things dashboard, the lights are still on, door still unlocked…not sure how to deal with this. Any suggestions?