Do I need a Lutron Smart Bridge to use their Pico switch with a nonLutron light?

Unfortunately, That’s not going to work with SmartThings.

Zigbee is complicated, because although it’s one “protocol,” it allows for multiple “profiles,” and the profiles aren’t all interoperable.

The Lutron Connected Bulb Remote is a device which is intended to talk directly to ZLL bulbs so you could have a battery operated switch on the wall with them. It’s not using the Lutron proprietary frequency, and it doesn’t use the Lutron smartBridge. But it doesn’t talk to SmartThings, either.

One of the issues that you are running into is that wink and SmartThings have some similarities and some pretty important differences. Both can work with most certified Z wave devices. But when it comes to either Lutron or zigbee, they have implemented their integrations quite differently. Wink went all in on Lutron early on, and even has a Lutron radio in their hub. SmartThings only added Lutron integration this year, and it is cloud to cloud through the smartbridge. So Wink can offer a number of Lutron options that SmartThings cannot.

I suggest at this point that you talk to people in the following thread, which is the people who are using that light with SmartThings. :sunglasses: They can tell you what switch options they are using with it.

Although SmartThings can talk to a larger number of zigbee devices than wink can, when you come specifically to the Lutron small remotes, both the pico and the Lutron connected bulb remote, it’s wink that has the advantage.

For similar devices that do work with SmartThings, again, see the buttons FAQ:

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