Hampton Bay LED Light

Does anyone know if the Hampton Bay LED Flushmount Light sold at Home Depot will work with smart things? Because Home Depot sells Wink devices it is officially designed to to work with Wink. But it is ZigBee so I am hoping that it will work with SmartThings. But I understand that ZigBee is not standard enough to just assume that it will work.


It might work as a generic device but which specific product are you referring to? Link?

I have nine GE Link bulbs connected with ST directly with no issues. Luckily for me, I picked all of them up at my local Target on clearance for only $4.48 each. They act as repeaters for other Zigbee things as well… Super useful for me since I have three in my downstairs bathroom and six in my two bathrooms upstairs, as they help connect my Hue lights that span across large distances upstairs.

There are very few details on the “smart” features. The box says that it is zigbee but even that is not listed on their website. But here is the link to it:

You might be able to pair it, if it just comes up as a ‘Thing’ you might be able to set the Device Type Handler to a generic ZigBee dimmer or similar and work it that way.

Absolutely no guarantees though.

Try the OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED Tunable White 60W preset, it does work to turn it on, off and change color, however changing color is a little harder since it is a slider, perhaps someone can change the code a little to make the slider go from 2700 to 5000 kelvin, or change it over to a button where you can input a number from 2700 to 5000

I am having two of these installed tomorrow in my laundry room. Would love to know if someone got them to work…

I just purchased one. Using the ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb seems to work fine.

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I found that changing the “type” in smartthings ide to Zigbee RGBW bulb works perfectly and firmware in smartthings hub even reports that it’s an ITE 12" puff light. Full control of dimming and “color” modes (moonlight to daylight) are recognized.

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How do you put the fixture into pairing mode?

I added one of these today and it paired as a 2015 Samsung Smart TV. :sunglasses:

I changed the DTH to Zigbee White Color Temperature Bulb and it works great. Initial opinion is this light looks good.

I’m considering of getting these as well. Does anyone have a recommendation for a physical switch or remote that can control on/off, color temperture, and intensity at the same time?

I have considered getting



But I wasn’t sure if I could use one of these without buying their bridge or gateway separately.

I love this light. It really brightens up my room. I chose it because it works with a Wink Hub. I did not know that it had to be the Wink 2 hub. Also didn’t know that I didn’t have a box under my old light for the wires to fit in. We used the rim from my old light to put between the SmartPuff and the ceiling. It looks great! Even though I can’tcontrol it with my smart phone I still recommend it, I love the brightness. I’ve had this light about 4 months now and would purchase it again. I may even update my Wink Hub.
I found some useful info here including manuals https://hamptonlightingadvice.com/hampton-bay-wink-compatible-12-in-white-led-smart-color-tunable-flushmount-ceiling-light-manual/

I’m trying to pair one of these with my SmartThings. I can see the device if I create a new device in the IDE, but once paired, I am unable to control the light. Can someone post the steps used to make this work for you?

Thanks In Advance…

i had the same issue. Goto IDE and change the device type to Zigbee bulb. It will work :slight_smile:

my hampton bay smart led has been working til a few days ago… now it just flickers constantly with soft white color and smartthings recognize it from time to time

I can’t access the manufacturer manual easily. Could someone share how they enter the pair mode? Is it pressed the electrical toggle switch 3 times?