Do Aqara sensors work with ST? (2023)

Will these sensors work with the aeotec hub? Some documentation says you need their hub.

The Aqara zigbee sensors work best with their own hub, and some models only work well with their own hub. But there are some models that can be connected directly to a smartthings/Aeotec hub, although they may require custom code, and the exact devices from other brands that you choose can affect the Aqara devices’ efficiency.

So the first rule of home automation definitely applies: “the model number matters.“

If you search the forum, you can find every possible answer to your question, because different people have had different experiences. :smiley::disappointed_relieved:

Some people are using the Aqara contact and motion sensors with no problems as long as they have custom code.

Other people tried them, found they wouldn’t stay connected, and ended up returning them.

If you can wait a few months, once matter is fully deployed, aqara is going to offer some of their hubs as “matter bridges” and at that point you should be able to add the aqara sensors to their own hub and then bring that hub into the smartthings app. No custom code required. Just as people using Apple HomeKit can bring the aqara hub into the Apple home app today. (But adding to HomeKit doesn’t give you smartthings integration. I’m just mentioning it as an example of how the future matter integration should work.)

Anyway, as you can see, it’s pretty much a trial and error situation if you do want to try them right now without their own hub. And the best integration is with the simple door sensors and motion sensors. The other more complicated sensors, including the presence sensors, have less successful integrations.

I myself use aqara sensors with their own hub in Apple home and I’m very happy with them. So I do like the devices, but I’m not yet happy with the smartthings integration. :thinking:

Another Possible Future Option from Aqara

Another reason to wait is that aqara has announced that it intends to release a line of sensors that use thread instead of Zigbee. These will not need a hub, and as long as you have a thread border router, you should be able to add them directly to your smartthings account without needing custom code. :sunglasses:

So again, the model number matters.

Anyway, this announcement is very good news, but the thread sensors are not yet available.


Your answers are always kind, precise and clear. thanks for everything you do!

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this is a bold statement. My current experience with the Thread so far is “just another protocol” it will work within one eco-system and will not with other manufacturers.

The coordination between manufacturers in the Thread Group is close to nonexistent. Despite the latest firmware updates, I was unable to connect Google, SmartThings, and Nanoleaf Thread devices together. I never received any response from either Nanoleaf support or the Thread Group regarding this issue.

Here is the question that SmartThings left unanswered: Thread support - #4 by veonua

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** Aqara devices that are intended to receive SmartThings support include Door and Window Sensor T1, Motion Sensor T1, Temperature and Humidity Sensor T1, Water Leak Sensor T1, Illuminance Sensor T1, High Precision Motion Sensor, Wireless Mini Switch T1, Wireless Remote Switch T1 (Single & Double Rocker), Cube T1 Pro, Wireless Smart Knob H1, Smart Wall Switch (US-style, No Neutral, Single & Double Rocker), Smart Wall Switch H1 Pro (With Neutral, Single, Double & Triple Rocker), Smart Plug (EU), Roller Shade Controller, Curtain Controller (Zigbee 1.2), LED Strip Driver T1* and Dimmer Controller T1 Pro .


True. That’s why I said “should” instead of “will.” :wink: Also why I said “possible future option.*

As always, we will have to wait and see what actually gets delivered once the aqara devices are available for regular purchase.

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@Dienzora @niquini Have a look at Aqara’s compatible newer devices review

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Following the update to Smartthings Samsung account serval of my Aqara devices are no longer working correctly. In particular the Aqara Contact Sensor Model: MCCGQ11LM. I have tried removing one of the devices and I can no longer add the device directly to STHub (without AqaraHub). Am I doing something wrong?
Any help appreciated.

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I was looking for the new T1 sensors but decided to email Aqara support since I could not find any available online. Not good news for US users:

On Sat, Jul 8 at 3:23 PM , Dennis wrote:

When will the new T1 sensors be available in the United States? I am looking for the Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Sensor T1, model WSDCGQ12LM, but cannot find it in the U.S.

Thank you.

Hi Dennis,

Sorry to say there is no plan to release the Aqara T1 sensors to US market currnently

Aqara Technical Support

Does anyone know if the T1 sensors are region specific, and only function in the area where they are sold? Would a T1 sensor work in the US if it was ordered from overseas?

They are ZigBee and should work if you can find the right driver. This all I could find on the WSDCGQ12LM.

Thanks for pointing that out. I have been considering the WSDCGQ11LM since there is a driver for it but @Mr_Tango just said something about not being able to add his Aqara sensor w/o an Aqara hub and now I’m not so sure it’s a good idea.

Ive been using the aquara contact sensors for years with a device handler, 2 days ago the devices have all simultaniously stopped working (Ive 8). So I tried to delete and re-add hoping to re-pair with the correct driver, and the SThub wont pair the device?!

Your device likely got automatically migrated from an old device handler to a new stock Edge Driver. You probably need to change is from the stock driver to a community developed drive that works with your device. The following driver may or may not work.

Install the “ZigBee contact Mc” driver from the link below and in the mobile app change the driver. Open device tile, click on 3 dots, pick driver and change driver.


This is indeed the answer for my driver issues: [ST Edge/Beta] Xiaomi/Aqara/Tuya zigbee sensors driver Many thanks for the help @Paul_Oliver

Im still unable to repair the one contact sensor id removed from SThub.
Ive tried turning off 'Zigbee secure mode ’ too.

Try removing the battery for 30 sec. before trying to pair.

So far Ive tried:

Rebooted Hub
Rebooted Internet
1.Holding reset buttong for 5+ seconds / 3 flashes
2.Holding reset buttong for 5+ seconds / 3 flashes, and tapping the reset button every seconds (to keep awake)
3.Hold reset button for 3+ seconds
Removed battery, held reset buttong for 30secs to flush the board, re-inserting battery - repeat method 1,2,3
Removed battery, for 10mins, re-inserting battery whilst holding reset, and repeat 1,2,3.

Just cant fathom whats wrong?!

Any help appreciated.

Have you tried pair it with the device sitting next to or on the hub. That has worked for me with some difficult to pair devices.

@Paul_Oliver thanks for the suggestion, Id forgotten to add above that Ive litterally placed the device 1cm away from the SThub. Ive paired these devices manytimes before. Ive roughly 20 Aqara devices dotted around.
Aqara Contact Sensor:
3 x Online (changed to Edge driver)
2 x Offline
1 x Deleted which im trying to re-pair

The deleted device doesnt exist in any automations, Samsung account, nor is it associated with anyother ecosystems ie AqaraHub.
Obviously im reluctant to delete and re-pair the 2xOffline devices, if any capability has been removed/bugged.


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You need to install a third party edge driver, try this one