Aqara with ST without ST Hub, only Aqara E1 Hub


I am currently setting up my smart home a bit and came across the Smartthings app, which I really like both visually and in terms of the functions.

I bought some products from Aqara, which I would now like to add to the Smartthings app.

I don’t have a Smartthings Hub or Bridge yet, but only use the app because I can add many other providers there and routines are much better than those in the Google Home app.

As I unfortunately had to find out, the Aqara E1 hub is not compatible with ST, but apparently I have to get a hub from ST. Which one is best for this? A bit budget friendly, because I probably only use it for the Aqara products.

I also noticed that in the ST app, when I select Aqara under Add new devices, some products are not suggested, such as radiator thermostats or the Aqara button. Can these products then also not be added to ST or are they just not 100% supported

Thanks in advance for answers :slight_smile:

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Best thing to do is to keep your aqara hub as long as it’s one that will eventually support matter and wait until smartthings turns on support for importing “matter bridges.”

At that point, it should work just like it works with Apple HomeKit now. You will be able to add the aqara hub to your smartthings app, and it will bring many of its devices along with it. :sunglasses:

It is possible to use a number of aqara devices now by connecting them to a smartthings hub (in which case you should get the Aeotec “works like a smartthings hub“ hub, as that is the most current model), but you do lose some functionality, and it does require custom code.

The matter option will let you use both the aqara app and the smartthings app, and will not require any custom code, plus should be more stable. So it’s worth waiting for for a few months if you can. :sunglasses:

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