DNS Lookup Issue [Solved]

So I’ve got an odd issue that I’ve just noticed over the last day or so. I’ve been unable to access the dashboard in the SmartThings app unless I’m on WiFi. Finally, today, I tried something else: I tried to open my ActiON 5 dashboard to see if I’d have any better luck out of it. No go there either, but this time, I got a DNS Lookup Error. It couldn’t find graph.api.smarththings.com. That makes me believe that the app issue is also DNS related…

Anyone else on AT&T wireless having issues like this the past day or two?

I sent a request to support, just wanted to get a feel if this was a wider issue or just local to me. (It easily could be. I’ve always been lucky that way!)


Well, finally had the presence of mind to try and restart the phone. Not sure what that has to do with DNS, but apparently, that fixed it. Anywho, it’s working now.