Displayed vs. All Events for Smartthings Sensors


Hello, what is the difference between the events shown below that are grayed out vs. the events that have white background? The white background events show up under “Displayed” and the grays only when clicking “All” or “From Device.” I have an inactivity app that is only seeing the white events and not the grayed out events, making a device seem idle.

Any help much appreciated, thank you.

Device not reporting in for a set amount of time
(Scott G) #2

The grayed out events were received by the hub, but because the value didn’t change the ST system doesn’t display them. This prevents duplicate events from cluttering feeds and causing state issues.

You can change that behavior by modifying the code used to create/send events in the device handler, so that all events of a particular type are displayed.

I believe SmartApps only see/subscribe to the displayed events, but I’m not positive.

Monitoring if Hub is Offline

Thanks @Sticks18 that makes sense. The code I’m using to get the date of the most recent event for a particular device is below. Is there another way to have it see the events that do not change the value of what they are reporting?

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def lastTime = it.events(max: 1).date