Sending statements to the "Recently" tab of a device


What commands are used in a device type to send a statement to the recently tab of the device in the smartthings IOS App.

In the screenshot I have, this device, a zwave dimmer, in the “recently tab” shows on and off events.

For another device, which I am using a custom event handler, does not show on and off events in the recently tab.

What commands would I add to the custom device type so I would see on and off events in the recently tab?

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It’s done with sendEvent using displayed: true


Yes, that is it. I tried it and it works.

So any idea why some of the publicly available device types do not show on and off the in logs?

Is there any reason to not show the on and off in the logs?

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Displaying them is a complex thought process, usually heavily dependent on how the programmer felt like/knew about that displayed:true parameter. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: