[OBSOLETE] Quick Device Check SmartApp

This SmartApp helps you see a quick status of selected devices by checking to see if at least one event exists for the selected device(s). I borrowed a lot of the framework for the code from @notoriousbdg’s BatteryMonitor SmartApp, so thank you to him.

I specifically wrote this app for myself to quickly find devices that all of a sudden stopped working since the last platform upgrade, specifically my Zigbee devices. I thought I’d share with the Community to see if it benefits anyone else. I’m not a coder, so please excuse poor coding practices!

If no events are found:

  • You have a device that hasn’t been used or reported any event, like infrequently used switches. These may not have dropped from your network.
  • You have a device that may still be working, like temp, motion, or humidity sensors, but has dropped of your network for some reason.


  • SmartThings only keeps events for 7 days if I remember right.
  • This app works best with devices that you would always expect to get some type of event - like motion, temp, humidity, Lux, battery, etc. but you personally don’t check up on that often.
  • This app also works best with devices you frequently use, like wall switches, bulbs, etc.

This is still a work in progress, and enhancements to include @bravenel’s “Notify when no events” SmartApp could also be incorporated. That app is excellent btw!

I hope someone out there finds this SmartApp useful!

GitHub code: (apologies for the formatting, but it looks OK in the ST IDE)



Thank you for creating this SmartApp. I will check it out later, but I just wanted to thank you for your work

Would it be possible to adjust and add Connected Smoke detectors to the list of available devices?

Most certainly. I’m traveling at the moment, but I can add this later tonight. I’ll let you know when I’m done.

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@Toasty, I just updated the app to include Smoke/CO2 detectors. The link in the original post above will get you the latest. Sorry for the delay getting this updated. Travel took a bit longer than expected.

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Hey John,

I really like this app. But I’ve noticed that sleepy devices that check in with ST but don’t have any events to report are not being seen by the app.

Example - This device shows up in the devices not reporting events section even after this wake up.
4826f023-c80c-44ee-9695-2b95c0e0a234 3:41:22 PM EST: debug Parse 'zw device: 16, command: 8407, payload: ' returned [[descriptionText:Sump Basin Water Sensor woke up, isStateChange:false, displayed:false, linkText:Sump Basin Water Sensor], 8408]

Is there something I can do to capture this wake up in your app?

Correct, sleepy devices that don’t generate events won’t be seen because events are only kept for 7 days.

For the example you gave above, if that message is also in the device’s event log, then my app would see it. I believe ST’s default device type for many sensors won’t push that message to the event log.

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