Hide events from the activity feed?

Is there a way to hide events and commands sent by smart apps from the activity feed? I would like this to just show values not “XYZ app sent command XYS to XYZ device”

Thanks in advance!

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Bump? Anyone? Relaly would like to know one way or the other.

Old thread here, but did you ever find an answer for this? :slight_smile:

I’m trying to get rid of Activity Feed entries from my custom SmartApp also. I only want entries from my Device Handlers issuing their sendEvent() commands.

The entries I see from my SmartApp only show its name, with no detail. (see image) My SmartApp doesn’t make any sendEvent() calls, so I’m not even sure what call is triggering the entry. Is it when a SmartApp issues a device command? Or receives a Web Service call? Or something else entirely? And if so can it be disabled? If anyone has any clues, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Bump… Having the same experience, would like the SmartApp not show in the Activity Feed. In my case, the SmartApp calls a custom command on a device. In the event details, the event source is “APP_COMMAND”. How can I suppress this event, or set the displayed property to false?


EDIT: Re-wrote the Smart App to use the Service Manager design pattern in the SmartThings documentation. I had to dynamically create the devices as child devices instead of statically creating them and selecting as preferences. When the app calls a method on a child device, no entry displays in the Activity Feed and you only see the events from the device.

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