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The EcoBee3 is at $208 at Amazon at the moment, $20 more but you are dealing with Amazon vs some unknown ebay based company.


Does anyone know if the remote sensors can connect to a repeater of some sort? Ive reached the distance limit in my house but need a couple more of them.

Since no response to the above question, Ill change gears;

Whats the best price anyone has seen for the Keen vents? I need a bunch. Even with my military discound at Lowes, theyre still priced higher than Keens website. I know they price match, but anything lower would be better.

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Have you tried talking to Keen? If you buying a ‘bunch’ they may give you a break. Never hurts to ask.

Ive sent them an email via their site, and even PM’d their ST forum lurker.

No response in a couple weeks.

I wasnt sure anyone knew of online deals that were going on…I missed their V-Day sale :cry:

The 10001 Lowe’s sale ended, but Iris contact sensors are still $13 online.


Right, and they’re $44 now, but that’s irrelevant, because, at the moment they originally posted that notice in the deal-posting thread, they were indeed the price mentioned (I know because I checked on account of my own interest).

Things change price all the time. If we’re going to continuously post up price changes after somebody posts a deal, we’d just be sitting here doing that all the time. I say let a deal post be what it is, and let everybody else find out for themselves whether or not the deal still exists five hours later.


That is until in the case of Amazonian sellers, another seller drops their price to match the one that is sold out/dead.

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sure, but that’s not what was happening in this case.
it seemed a valueless post to my admittedly narrow focus at that moment.

They don’t work with repeaters. They’re using a 915 MHz protocol that is point to point to the thermostat. Range is given at around 45 feet. (14 meters)

Wow, that’s crazy! Thanks for the heads-up.

I think it’s reasonable for most homes, unless you live in a castle. :crown: That covers about 6,000 square feet on one plane (a circle of radius 45’) for One thermostat and over 380,000 cubic feet in three dimensions.

In the US, at least, big homes tend to have more than one thermostat, and so you would start the Range over from each one.

Of course it’s like any other RF device: if your house is made of brick, cement, or Adobe, the range may be very much reduced. I wouldn’t be surprised if a three-story brick house needed two thermostats, but it might well have them already.

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Doh! Yep…there it is…just add another Tstat, and fixed.
Thanks! ha-ha :slight_smile:

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OK, wait…do these suck or something?
I just checked on exactly what this is, but can’t really find much about it.

No, they’re fine. They are Wi-Fi rather then Zigbee or Z wave, and there’s no direct integration with smartthings. But they do have an IFTTT channel you can use. And they work with echo.

Like all Wi-Fi devices, they are subject to occasional overload on the network (usually the same reason Netflix buffers) and they don’t repeat commands, so if your Wi-Fi isn’t really strong it may seem like the device is flaky which accounts for some of the Amazon reviews. Also, they’ve been out for two years and have improved a lot over that time. So the Amazon reviews from 2014 will be a lot different than the ones from 2016.

they seem to be well built for what they are.

This may be true, IDK because I don’t personally have any LIFX. But isn’t the LIFX integration Cloud to Cloud? VS hue bridge being a lan connection, or the osram from being a direct to hub.

My meaning is that there is probably more chance for Lag with the LIFX vs some of the other options out there.

Youd think, right? My office is almost directly above my thermostat but since it has tile floor (Im guessing), I cant have a remote thermostat in that room. My master suite is through the upstairs family room (which has a sensor at the top of the stairs), and is too far away from the thermostat. “As the crow flies”, its closer than 45ft, but a ceiling and several walls (some that include return vents (metal)). If I were to walk from the thermostat to the location I would place it in my master suite, it is ~60ft away.

So now you see my dilemma. My new plan is to use the Iris motion sensors as thermo’s with Keen vents that will arrive on Friday.

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My LIFX bulbs are just as quick to respond as any other bulb I have. Wemo, GE link, Cree, Osram, Sengled.
I’m hoping to pick up a 4 pack of BR30’s $190

I beleive they ordered them from lowes forever ago.


yea like almost 2 months ago, didn’t think they were going to come lol

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