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Anyone know if this is 2nd generation?

I do see a few threads that mention Amcrest cams on the forum, but does anybody know if these are compatible yet…

  1. with SmartThings?
  2. with SmartTiles?

If so (either), this seems like a pretty acceptable price to get a cam going.

Is this compatible with Smartthings? If so I might order this.

A quick search on Amazon suggests the round hubs are 1st generation. From the pic it also looks like a round hub so I guess it may be 1st.

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Amcrest is a brand of Foscam. Foscam is kind of supported by SmartThings and SmartTiles, so, there is a chance. By “kind of supported” I mean - I can control my Foscam from SmartThings but I can’t see video or still images, I wasn’t able to set up live feed in SmartTiles but I was able to set it up to show snapshots every 5 sec, which is enough for my needs.

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Those are the 1st Gen, and only a " deal" if you need a 1st gen Hue Hub. You can get the 2nd Gen light strips for $89 from Amazon and Best Buy among others.

Is the 1st gen upgradable? What is the difference between Gen 1 and 2? I don’t have any Hue products yet and don’t want to start off with something that has one foot out the door.

I’m not interested in Siri, so that’s a non issue if that’s the only advantage to the gen 2 hub.

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I can’t see the 1st gen hubs being on the way out, since here are literally millions of them in service. The 2nd gen lights however are an improvement as far as true color and brightness. ( Or so I’ve heard ). I believe the 2nd Gen hub have a better radio, but the actually functionality is the same. My Gen 1 hub has no problem controlling syncing bulbs and lights ( both old and new ) spread out across my house from the basement to the daughter’s office on the 2nd floor in the back of the house.

Gen 2 Hub is " certified " for Apple whatever home control Siri integration.

One of the reviewers on Amazon had this to say “The new LightStrip Plus that is 1600 lumens with a wide color gamut, not the old, dim LightStrip at 120 lumens. It also features fully adjustable
color temperature on the white, since it features 5 separate color channels: R, G, B, Warm white and Cool white. (The old LightStrip featured only 3 channels: R, G & B.)”

I have the new 2nd Gen Lightstrip Plus and it is very bright. At only 120 lumens, that’s probably good for just some accent lighting.

Doesn’t seem like a great deal to me. Granted, they are Z-Wave and not Zigbee, so rather unusual for lights. FYI, though, Home Depot has the Commercial Electric smart retrofit units for $29.97.

Commercial Electric 5 and 6 in. Smart LED Recessed Downlight


Commercial Electric 4 in. Matte White Recessed LED Smart Downlight

These are color-tunable white, Zigbee. I have several of them and they look and work great.

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Aukey Nut bluetooth tracker $9.99 (similar to tile) - http://deals.kinja.com/never-lose-your-keys-again-with-this-10-bluetooth-trac-1767710638

Anyone ever use one of these? The reviews seem decent but there are only 12 of them.


To those who only grow their Zwave Network it is a good deal. I don’t even know of any other recessed zwave lights at the moment.

Personally I run both protocols, and just invested in a bunch of the lightify recessed cans for around 15 a pop from lowes.

Yeah, I don’t know how you’d manage to put together a system without at least a few of each. Maybe if you only use smart switches and dumb bulbs, but most all the bulbs out there are Zigbee.

I only ended up with the CE lights from HD because I cleaned out the local Lowes when they put the OSRAM units on sale and needed a few more 5-6" units than they had. That’s when I discovered HD also had the smaller units, which (from my POV, anyway) was a bonus!

I just keep telling my wife that we need more lights to make the Zigbee mesh more robust. :slight_smile:

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[quote=“kicko, post:108, topic:42517, full:true”]

OK. Good to know. Thanks for the feedback.
For me, stills in SmartTiles (regardless of video or direct SmartThings support) is the piece that matters the most.
I figure, eventually most of the devices out there that are ‘favorites’ eventually get integrated, and if they don’t, there’s always ebay/craigslist/the stuff to sell thread. :slight_smile: So, thanks!

9 of the 12 reviews state that they got it for discount or free.
The other three probably did as well, but just didn’t say so.

This does not necessarily mean that it’s bogus (it’s a legitimate business practice to give away new products for the sake of getting the word out about them), but I’d be leary.

However, the relatively low price and the fact that it’s on Amazon/Prime means it’s not much to risk. If it sucks, we just put up a genuine review and send it right back.

I have tried others, but they all suck. I have no idea why, but they either don’t really track for as far as they claim, or, in some cases, or the battery dies about once a month or even more often, or there is such a long and drawn-out, broken connection process and/or, once they are connected, they don’t stay connected. It’s just been a mess.

So, thanks for posting this. :slight_smile:
Seems worth giving it a try.

Now, if there is any way of getting this to interact with SmartTings, that would be even more cool lol


Do you have one of these? Sound is pretty decent?

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No [quote=“schapper05, post:118, topic:42517”]
Do you have one of these? Sound is pretty decent?

I don’t have 1. I have just been looking for a reasonably inexpensive speakers to hook up to the Dots. I was looking at BT soundbars, but then decided BT didn’t really matter since the speaker(s) will need to have power running to them anyways.
I figure I can tuck a soundbar up above the kitchen cabinets " out of sight" and the Dot under the cabinet " out of sight" run the power and aux wire up along the wall together.

The BB reviews are 80%+ positive, so while it may not satisfy the audiophile it should be fine for " mood music"


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Your Dot shipped…mine did not :frowning:

I got the UPS ship notification for all 3 last night. UPS shows delivery 4/1 ( not 3/31 promised by Amazon) . I assume that will change and they will be here tomorrow.

Thinking about getting a MyQ. Is there anything bad/negative about it and ST integration. Of it means anything, I have a good router, TP-Link OnHub?

For how much I buy on Amazon I don’t know why they hate me so much =( I still haven’t gotten a ups notification… And I ordered Immediately (2 dots and 1 tap)

I preordered st v2 on amazon before it was available on ST’s site, then a week before estimated delivery(weeks later) ordered from ST store the st store one arrived first!

I didn’t actually think $89 was a great deal for refurb when they were at Sam’s and other places for $99 new back in Nov/Dec then clearanced down to $75.