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This is on sale at HD also for the same price, $59.99. I just installed the one I got from Staples and image is great… my generics are going in storage.

GoControl are zwave.

Thanks. I was just at my HD. They’re not on sale here anyway!



Hi Blink Backer,
We have told you that it was coming, and we are excited to announce that it is finally here!!
As promised, starting today (March 24) through March 31 we are offering a special backer-only discount on Blink systems and add-on cameras!
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The Blink Team
Orders are subject to local taxes.


Deal went live at 7AM CDT GoControl LB65R6Z-1 Z-Wave Smart LED Recessed Retrofit Light Kit on Lightning sale on Amazon. $42.99ea.

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Link please?


Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 MyQ-Garage Controller on sale. Not the best price ever, but cheaper than regular deal.

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20% off select Samsung SmartThings devices through April 9, 2016 on Amazon.

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I also added a link to my Post.


I did notice that I had to pay tax with the purchases directly from Blink, but when I bought my second 5 pack off Amazon, no taxes. This is for CA… So depending on taxes, might be cheaper with Amazon than directly from Blink…

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A " decent" speaker to hook up to your Echo Dot that shipped today $39 BB DD
( $85 on Amazon )



Monoprice Z-wave Garage Door Sensor back in stock as of today on sale at $18.69

Your Dot shipped…mine did not :frowning:

But it will today!!
Not on sale but a great BT speaker (w/3.5mm jack)
Long battery life and great sound for what it is. I’m buying a second on just for the Dot.

For the $35 price I think it’s a deal when I compare it to speakers costing 2x as much

Samsung R1 WAM1500 speaker $89 over at Woot. ( sorry too lazy this morning to bother looking to see if these are the ones that will work with ST )

They also have assorted Samsung IP Cams

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Dimmable LED bulbs on Amazon’s lightning sale. Comes out to be 3.88 ea. Got to buy pack of 4.

The Samsung wireless speakers look great and half the cost of sonos. Woot is unfortunately sold out

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Well if you really want Samsung MR speakers , Tanga has the Radiant R7 for $279

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