DiscoveryCallback can't take effect twice in a row

We are preparing for WWST certification, now there was a problem testing the alias change.

I use discoveryCallback to implement friendlyName changes.

Frist time it works out , and new friendlyName displayed on the smartthings app. but it will not take effect after the second time .

Until I trigger discoveryRequest, and then I can only change it just one time.

This never happened before, I can always change the alias name.
Is this smartthings’ design? Is there a bug with this.

@nayelyz I need your help .
There is some time difference between us, it’s very disturbing.

Hi! :grinning:
It is not supported as it would overwrite the device label configuration made by the user in the ST app.
Why do you want to change the friendlyName dynamically?

To enhance the user experience. We hope to change the alias on our app after binding SmartThings, which can be displayed on SmartThings.

The problem is that a few weeks ago I was able to do this, and I was able to get it through proof-testing and into production。

Either I can’t change it, or I can change it, it only works once is really weird.

I see…I’ve verified this with our engineering team and they mention this was disabled not so long ago, and it was because there’s no way to notify you if the user sets a new FriendlyName value. If a non-updated “discoveryCallback” comes in, that value would replace the user’s preferences.

If the user decides the device to have the same name on both applications, he/she must change it on both sides.

Although it was frustrating, but I can only accept this fact.

So the alias on SmartThings cannot be changed with our own app, will this affect WWST certification?

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t affect the certification.

No, the function of syncing the friendly names between the two applications is not verified for the certification.