Question on friendlyName issue using Japanese


I’m currently using a SmartThings Schema connector with AWS Lambda.
Recently, I’ve observed that device nickname in Japanese is not correctly displayed after integrating service.

Scenario is as follows.

  1. Device nickname is correctly displayed when a nickname is in English
    e.g. friendlyName: TIGER / displayed name: TIGER
  2. Device nickname is not correctly displayed when a nickname is in Japanese (in both Android and iOS)
    e.g. friendlyName: とら / displayed name: (Combination of manufacturerName + ’ ’ + modelName)
  3. In the above scenario, I could modify device nickname to Japanese in SmartThings application.

Is there any language limitations for devices[ ].friendlyName parameter value on Discovery response( Interaction Types | SmartThings Developers )?


Hi, @blue9519.
Thank you for bringing this up. I’m checking this situation with the internal team, as soon as I have their comments, I’ll share them here. :smiley:


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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Hi! After reviewing this situation, the feedback is that those types of characters are not supported yet.
You can change them from the mobile app (as you mentioned it) and making a request to the ST API.
I’ve created a Feature Request for the corresponding team to analyze all the modifications needed for them to be accepted during the device discovery. This could take some time, so, I’ll let you know about any update I receive.

I will gladly wait for any progress made on this issue :slight_smile: