A new bug found on the latest version of SmartThings App

I updated the SmartThings App on my phone to the version of “” on this morning.I found that when I reconfigure a device into the network, the default device name is the DTH name used by the device instead of deviceJoinName.
I switched to a different DTH for testing, and it was all like this. Our testers also reported this problem-they thought I changed the deviceJoinName, but in fact I didn’t change the deviceJoinName in the DTH.
Perhaps this change is convenient for teser, but for users, they will pay more attention to the product name, and don’t care about the DTH name.

Hi, @chenjun.
Thank you for bringing this up. I was able to replicate the issue and I’ve already reported it to the engineering team, as soon as I get their feedback, I’ll let you know.

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I’m sorry to trouble you again for this question: because our product is useful to drive Aeotec Wallmote in the public version, and when the product is configured to enter the network, the name is displayed, because it is accompanied by irrelevant brand information, the PDM said it is totally unacceptable. When can this problem be fixed?

Please give more details about this. Do you mean that your device is paired with the name “Aeotec Wallmote” and you don’t want the brand to appear?
Specify which DTH you’re referring to.

We want to display the deviceJoinName instead of the DTH name.Because some DTH names are accompanied by third-party company brand information, for example the name “Aeotec Wallmote”.

Nayely, if I may interject, if you take a look at the stock Aeotec Wallmote device handler you will see it has a device name of ‘Aeotec Wallmote’, but in the fingerprints there are device join names for other brands using the same handler. If you represent e.g. Minoston you want to see your product paired as the ‘Minoston Wallmote’, not as the ‘Aeotec Wallmote’. So that is an example of how the issue you have already identified could have a real impact on third party developers. It sounds like that actually is happening for the OP.

I’ll leave you both to it now in case I’ve confused things further.

Ooh, got it. Thanks, Graham!
@chenjun, the engineering team is working to release the fix for the issue (which is affecting only Z-Wave devices.), I’ll let you know once it is available.