Direct connected device onboarding woes

It seems like onboarding configs with QR-code validation works in the iOS Smartthings App but not in the Android Smartthings App. Any tips.
An Android user can only register/onboard a device using a manually entered serial number (with prefix STDK), why?

Are you referring to the “QR code confirm” selected on this section?

What is the current behavior you see in the Android app when you get to this step?


Yes, and the setting

“ownershipValidationTypes”: [

in the onboarding_config.json file.

  1. The android app accepts a QR-code as the starting point of registering a testing device but doesn’t do anything
  2. In the manual registering flow the app never asks to be presented a QR-code, instead it requests the serial-number of the device.

This is obviously for test devices i.e devices with serial numbers that begin with STDK.

BTW, we have checked the encoded URL in the QR-codes.


Thank you for the description, @senspix.

As I mentioned in this post, can you send me more information to, please?

In this case, I would need the following:

  • A screen recording of the behavior you describe
  • A screen capture of the list of “test devices” you registered
  • Project ID of the integration with the issue.
    You mentioned in the other post that you only have two projects, does it happen in both of them?
    The project ID is located at the end of the URL in the Developer Workspace when you enter the project. For example:

I’ve sent an email to build@smartthings…

I have additional, and somewhat confusing, test results. I will email them when I have your response.