Dimmer up & down during schedule?


I’m trying to understand the best way to have a light (in this case hue through smartthings) change intensity on a longer schedule. Example: I have a porch light I keep on at 50% from sunset to sunrise but would like it to jump to 100% for a 30 minute period of 5:30-6am. Can I simply set up a different automation for that time and my seperate sunset/sunrise smartapp will also work–or is there a better way? Thanks.

(Robin) #2

Could all be done in CoRE but running two two overlapping smart lighting automations will also work just fine and will be easier for you to setup.

(Alan) #3

If you are able to hack your way through CoRE, here is a solution to try:

Before you begin, turn on Advanced Mode by going into Settings->ExpertFeatures->Expert Mode

(Mlebaugh) #4

Auto dimmer by Mike Maxwell is the best for this.

(Chris) #5

He’s two CoRE pistons that work together.