Auto Dimmer smartApp (Sept 2015 V2 update)

I couldn’t find anything like this, so here it is.
Brighten or dim lights based on configurable lux thresholds, three settings, 4 dimmer ranges.
Settings for each dimmer can be set individually to override the defaults if desired.
App subscribes to each dimmers on() event, then adjusts the levels to those specified.
Been using this for several months, wife and I like a lot.
The app only adjusts levels when the dimmer is initially turned on, so manual adjustments aren’t changed.

The current lux selection ranges are set up around a wideband lux sensor, such as a Figaro with an exterior exposure.

A major update for all the fans out there: (Sept 2015)
-Entire front end re done in dynamic pages, lots of them.
-Added option for per dimmer dynamic adjustment based on lux changes, allowing selected dimmers to change levels in selectable increments when lux sensor values change.
-Dimmer specific Off option added

It is recommended to un-install the previous version prior to installing this one, as the internal schema has changed.


i’m curious which dimmers you are using. I am using an Evolve LRM-AS, and when I use the physical switch to turn the light on, smartthings rarely receives the subscribed event.

At this point I think i’m going to give up on this approach, and use someone else’s suggestion. I’m going to write an app that subscribes to modes “Day, Evening, Night”. When mode changes, it will quickly turn the dimmer on, set level, and switch back off.

I’m using aeon micros, with the correct device settings these report instantly to ST. If your dimmers don’t report status to ST properly this app, or any app for that matter won’t respond to physical events in a timely manor.

does “aeon micros” mean

Yup, those are the bad boys.

It turns out that Evolve LRM-AS does not support “Instant Status”, which is documented in This feature is required for AutoDimmerApp to basically function as expected. Otherwise SmartThings is polling, and if my understanding is right it’s on a 10 minute interval.

My current plan is replace the Evolve with a Cooper RF9540-NAW which does support “Instant Status”. Though my current workaround of using time/mode based to set dimmer levels does work.

Just added this to my setup - works great, thanks!

Minor tweaks: Added dim level 0 and 100 to the per-device override options - because I have outside lights on dimmers too, and during the day if someone switches them on, I want them dimmed to 0 (ie, really off) and during the evening I want them full bright when on.

My family tends to have issues with the dimmers turning stuff on in the “dimmed” state, this is a simple fix!

love it, thanks for the feedback!

I can’t seem to find your app? Have been using it for a month now but just checking to see if there is an update but getting page not found at

@joel_eggenhuize, Link (in first post) updated. Apparently I changed the file name at some point.

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Major update see first post…

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awesome! thank you Mike

@schettj, I’ve added this to v2.1 that I just updated.
I forgot to put this in before… Doh…

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Just came across this thread. Does the app still require Instant Status to work properly? If so, is there something else to do the same thing?

Instant may be an overstatement, if you activate the physical switch and it changes state in the mobile app in under a second you’ll be happy with this app. Also as your setup becomes more sofisticated you’ll be using your wall switches less and less anyway…

Hmmm…ok, the dimmers I want to use seem to report about 3-4 seconds after being turned on. I rarely touch this physical switch, as its on a timer based off a sunset dirivative. How would the lights react if I did use the switch with the delay I have? I assume the lights would come on at the previous level, delay a few seconds then reset? From there on, it should work…yes? If it’s based solely on the ST (or RM) timer, it should work outright…yes? I don’t want to drop $60 on a lux sensor if it’s going to be all wonky. The WAF would be junk. What do you think?

Yea the delay would only been seen when activated via the physical switch. This automation is one of the wife’s favorites.
The lights don’t have this delay when you turn them on via ST do they?

Mike, this is a super cool app. About perfect for my needs. We have about 20 GE-Lin/Hue bulbs, so do all dimming via the bulbs. I’m able to add them to the list of dimmers and use the app/modes combined with LUX readings from the Smart Weather tile device to indicate how bright it is outside. We have quite a few windows, so I’d like the motion sensor activation for our main floor lights to dim quite a bit when it’s sunny outside.

Is there any way to modify the app to add 10-100% ranges to all the dimmers in the “Dimmers and Defaults” settings? For example, I’d like to set the “When it’s Sunny” settings of the bulbs to 10% but the ranges in the app are 40% to 100%.

Also, if there’s a description of how the “auto” dimmer functions work, would you be able to post a link?

Again, thanks so much for this app. I’m surprised more folks are not posting here about how great it is :slight_smile:


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As to changing the available options, this is something that you can do for your self.
The code that generates these settings starts on line 303 (dimmersPage())
The options section for the inputs define the available choices. Adding other values in the same form as those present will allow selecting them from the mobile app once you save and publish the changes.

As to a description of how auto dimmer works, if you can elaborate on what specifically you would like clarification on, I can add/modify the information that I’ve written in the first post here.

Thanks so much Mike. The code tweaks worked perfectly as instructed.

Let’s say I access “Specific Dimmer Settings” for one of my dimming bulbs and toggle “Auto Adjust Levels during LUX Changes” to ON. and set Percentage Change to 5%. Let’s assume the LUX levels outside go from 1000 to 3000. How does the light bulb dimming behaviour differ from just setting the global LUX/dim levels as I’ve done now?

I’m pulling LUX from the weather app, so these lux values won’t change a whole lot during the day.