Slowly raise the light brightness

Back in the classic app there was a way to set up dimmers so that you could slowly bring the brightness up over a specific period of time. I would love to do the same in the new Samsung app. Anyone know if this is possible? At 6am I want my bedroom lights to slowly raise to 60% over the period of about 15 minutes to help me wake up in these winter months when we average about 6-8 hours of real light during the day. Any ideas?

Haven’t seen it anywhere in the new app. I know the rules engine does it. Could try installing that.


try this

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Thats pretty interesting about the color changing bulbs but wont really work for me. I have GE switches and do not use color changing bulbs.

When I had Insteon in my house, you could actually set the dim rate either universally or on a switch by switch or automation level. I was hoping there was a Smartthings way to do it which I was missing. Oh well.

Unfortunately there isn’t built into the app. But one of the strengths of SmartThings is the 3rd party developers that make products to fill in these gaps. rules engine is probably the easiest to install and use since it doesn’t require any copying and pasting of code.

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There is a DTH that lets you configure parameters of GE switches that are usually not accessible through the standard DTH. Dim rate for turning on is one of them. You only use the DTH to configure the switch, one done you revert back to the original one. The parameters are saved in the switch and remain.

This is brilliant if I can figure out how to install it and they still work. LOL. Looks like it was built over 3 years ago.

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Super helpful. I am going to curl up with a cocktail and do some reading tonight. I appreciate the assist.

I know it has been a while for this thread, however the reason I found it was because I was looking for a simple way to produce sunrise/sunset or low dimming effects for the morning. There appear to be various solutions out there, but I stumbled on this solution and thought it will probably suit most users that aren’t into coding, device handlers and complexity.

Use the SmartThings classic app (install it if you haven’t) even if you are on the new app (should still work).
Select ‘Automation’ towards the bottom,
Select’Add SmartApp’,
Click ‘Lights and Switches’,
Select ‘Gentle Wake Up’,
Choose the dimmers you want this to apply to, click done and then save
Under your list of SmartApps, you will now see ‘Gentle Wakeup’
Open it up and configure away exactly how you want it to operate, you can also rename it to be more meaningful.

There are other options to allow you to trigger this SmartApp as part of other automations if you really want to get into it.

This was on Android, therefore menus and locations may differ slightly in the IOS app.

Kind of short life expectancy for this tip… ST classic EOL October 14.


There is a new section call “Labs” in the latest upgrade. I have not tried it yet, but that seems something that can be used.

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