Night light automation

Sorry if this has been asked before, I’m new here.
I want to setup a light in my bedroom that is controlled by a motion sensor (that’s easy you say) however, this is the hard bit… I want it to be at different dimmer levels depending on time… So:

From Sunset to 23:30 = 100% brightness
From 23:31 to 06:30 = 10% brightness
From 06:31 to Sunrise = 100% brightness

How best do I do this?
Thanks in advance

I guess the easiest way is to setup three different automations.

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Hi Sandy,

Take a look to the Smart Apps, there you will find smart lighting, this allow you to setup what you want.

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That’s what I’ve currently done, however you have to use specific periods to do this, which means you can’t use sunset and sunrise and I’ll have to keep changing the start time as the seasons change.
I wanted to use sunset and sunrise to make it a set and forget routine

Use Webcore with three different constraints.

I’m a newbie… Wedcore??? Where do I find that?

You can use sunset and sunrise in more options with smartlighting app. See capture.


+1 on Smartlighting


SORTED smart apps does what I want, however I still have to create 3 routines per light, but thats fine as I wanted the sunset and sunrise features and this way I can set and forget

Yes, you have to do an automation by schedule and light to control.
If you are curious to know Smartthings, the good thing about this app is that if you use it with zigbee devices or some z-wave devices, that their controllers run locally on the hub, the automation also runs locally on your hub.
On the web api.smartthing
you can see which automation is running locally or cloud.
From this page you can also pause, deactivate automations individually temporarily, which you cannot do in the app, you can only stop or activate all of them.

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