Dimmer and Remote Issues

(Jeff DeWolfe) #1

Hello All- Wanted to write up a quick message to everyone to see if anyone else is running into the same problems I am. I’m also hoping that @urman will jump in here to see if he has any thoughts or ideas.

I’ve had the same setup for quite a few months now. Twice I’ve run into issues where my dimmer (Evolve) and my GE Advanced remote stop working. The first time I ended up un-pairing and re-paring the devices and they worked for about a month to where I am right now. Both devices are in SmartThings. I try to send commands to the dimmer via the app and I can see those commands on the activity side in the ST app on my iPhone. However, watching the logs in the IDE I do not see any commands or anything coming through. I opened a support ticket and they are going to try a new firmware for my hub but this is the second time now and it is getting frustrating. I was hoping someone might have some ideas. Nothing in my home has changed. Nothing with wifi or anything like that. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help clarify anything.


(Jeff DeWolfe) #2

As a quick follow up, I think I found my issue. Everything started working as soon as I pulled batteries and power from my Filtrete 3M-50 Thermostat. Not sure if it is the zwave or the wifi module that is/was causing the problem. I powered it back up with only the wifi module in and so far things are still working. I’ll update if I come up with anything else.

(Chrisb) #3


Hey Jeff, did you ever find a solution for this? I’ve got an Intermatic HA09 remote that I’m trying to use with my Evolve Dimmers and it isn’t working. I can setup any other device with this remote easily, but the remote won’t see the Evolve for some reason.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #4

I do have it working. I think the problem is definitely the Evolve dimmer, it is a serious PAIN IN THE you know what to get paired to anything. I just kept trying until it finally worked. I don’t really have any tricks for it though. Sorry I don’t have better news!

(Chrisb) #5

Okay… I do seem to remember that the Evolves were a little temperamental pairing with ST as well. I’ll keep trying and see if I get lucky.