Anyone else seeing a high failure rate with their switches?

Hey guys and gals -

I’ve installed a number of switches over the last few months - a mixture of the GE switches and the Evolve switches. In total I installed 11. In the last month, I’ve had four completely go dead (no response either via the app or locally) and one whose function is now reversed (off makes it go on and on makes it go off). The last one I mentioned is no longer functional in the app at all - I’m assuming because of the reversed functionality.

Has anyone else seen this high a failure rate? Has anyone experienced the reversing of functionality?

My house is new construction - under a year old. I did all the installs myself - just as I did them in my previous house. Just curious about other’s experience.


I just recently had an Everspring door/Window sensor that was brand new fail, but nothing else. Our local Tiger Direct store exchanged it on the spot. I’m almost at 50 devices, and all are working very well for the most part (I have a Leviton that just can’t report its status right when manually turned on/off).

My GE switches (from Lowes) are working well with no failures yet. I even got some GE outlets from Fry’s in Atlanta last week when I was there on a business trip that were new, but the packaging looked terrible. A couple weeks ago they had them for a blowout $19, and last week the remaining ones went for $4.90, yup, just 5 bucks! Every one I installed paired up perfectly to the ST hub. I had a post last month about that. If you live in Wilsonville, Oregon, the GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control 3-Way Dimmer Kit is going for $4.90.

Can’t say I’ve ever seen that large of an issue before. I’ve heard of a switch here or there being defective, but this seems like a lot.

I have however seen switches that get fried if they aren’t wired correctly. NOT saying thats what is happening, but I have fried a GE/Jasco in-wall switch by incorrect wiring before.

I just had a GE dimmer die. It works fine for manual control, but SmartThings can’t control it anymore. What’s odd is If I disjoin it I can get it to connect back to the network, which means it is talking on some level.

Thanks for all the replies. The wiring is fine - they all worked for some period of time before going dead.

Three of the failures (I actually have five that failed) are in one box. Maybe they are contagious.