ZWave Remote and SmartThings

Hi All- I was wondering if anyone has bought one of the GE/Jasco ZWave remotes? I purchased one because I know my g/f doesn’t always want to open the SmartThings app to turn on/off the lights in the living room. Can you pair the remote with the switches when they are already connected to SmartThings? I am having trouble doing so. Just curious if anyone else has had any luck. Thanks!!

@chevyman142000 check out this thread. We’ve had some success with a different type of button.

But check out that thread and see if it helps :slight_smile:

Which thread @urman? :slight_smile:

Nevermind, I found them. I was able to get the remote (GE 45601) added to SmartThings. Just no luck getting any of the devices to turn on/off yet. I’ll keep fumbling around and keep you posted on my status. One other question, can I also add my zwave thermostat to the remote and still have it work with SmartThings?


You should be able to. You would have to remove the thermostat, pair the remote to the SmartThings hub, then pair the thermostat to the remote.

I’m confused…sorry man. Taking the steps you posted, wouldn’t that remove the Thermostat from SmartThings and only have it being controlled by the remote? I tried these steps for one of the switches too and it only works with the remote then. Let me know if you have a few min to chat about this maybe on the irc channel? I’m in there now.

Never mind dude, I was able to get it all working. I reset the remote and started over from scratch and it worked right away! I even have my thermostat connected to it. Wish it would display the temp on the remote though! Thanks!!