Difficulty pairing ADT water Leak sensors and keen vents

I have migrated to smart things from Lowes Iris. After purchasing the ADT kit multiple other devices and paring them all I am only having issues with two things. First I cannot get the two ADT water leak sensors to pair. I called support and they were no help. They stated they would escalate my problem and I would hear back in four business days. That was a week ago and no response. I have tried resetting the device and a factory reset on the ADT hub neither of which helped the paring process. Thus far Samsung support has been feckless. Does anyone have any ideas?

I am also looking to pair my keen vents with the smart things ADT hub and have had no luck. I keep reading that I may need a device handler, however I have no idea how to begin.

Since it seems this community is the only support you can get with smart things any help you can provide would be appreciated.

I had trouble pairing one of my adt water leak detectors as well (all the others were no problem). When I followed the reset procedure several times I thought the device was resetting, however, the led would blink and go out. Once I finally got the led to keep blinking it paired. When you reset the device does the led continue blinking for awhile?

Thank you for your advice. When I do the factory reset the LED blinks rapidly for a few seconds, then goes out, then begins to blink slowly. It seems to be appropriate given the things I have read.

It’s a shame the the Smart Things platform doesn’t have any true support other than its community.

I hope someone else had the magic pill to fix the water leak detector problem.

The blinking slow after going out is exactly what I saw after resetting it properly. The only other thing I have done when having trouble pairing a device is reboot the hub via IDE.

Well, I finally returned both water leak detectors thinking they must both be defective. I have received one new one from Samsung. Still waiting on the other. I tried to pair the new one and same problem as last time. I have rebooted the hub from IDE, I have reset the hub, I have tried the install from both the new and old app. Nothing works, and smart things support is no help.

I am beginning to think smart things is not ready for prime time. I can without a doubt say it has been more of a problem then my Lowes Iris system ever was.