ADT Smartthings/ Ring build in progress. Questions

OK so I have my ADT Smartthings hub deployed I have the ADT smart things motion sensor the Iris motion sensor the Iris smart plug and so far about 14 of the ADT Smartthings door and window sensors deployed.

I have no problem implementing the ring spot light cameras nor the ring video doorbell to. I am having all kinds of problems with the ring floodlight camera. Simply put the 1st one that they shipped wouldn’t power on at all there was some sort of weird damage to the wiring. So I took it back and the replacement well it won’t respond to the command to turn the floodlight off.

I am hoping 3rd time is the charm since I’m getting really sick of pulling the floodlight on and off of the side of the house.

I have about 3 of the door and window sensors left to deploy before the envelope of the house is closed back up.

I have been given some good information here and am going to start picking up and deploying the ceiling fan and light controls soon. I will start with one and see if I can get it to work as I expect. If I can there are 6 throughout the house and that need to be done.

I am noticing some distinct differences between this system and Iris. Most notably how rapidly new devices can pair to smart things. Compared to Iris pairing a door and window sensor for example his almost instantaneous.

Now on to the questions!

My 2 ADT smart things door and window sensors the ones that came with the monitoring kit are not being seen as monitorable by ADT. Why is that?

Is there any way that I can take the text alerts from smart things on my self monitoring and send it as an actual phone call instead of a text?

And the big one the purpose behind getting the ADT panel instead of the regular smart things 1 how do I set up individual pin numbers for people accessing my house legitimately without adding a smart lock?


Check and make sure you went through the complete setup within the ADT Dashbord. There is a step needed there to complete the setup for them to be monitored as ADT Devices.

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That link helped. Thanks!

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Okay, I must admit some ignorance. I didn’t set up the two that came in the kit differently. Not sure what you mean about hte ADT dashboard. I am using the Classic Smartthings app to setup.

When you open up the smartthings app you will want to look at the dashboard that has the button that says what state the alarm is in. If you are in the new app click on the ADT logo in the upper left, in the classic app the ADT Logo will be in the upper right( i would suggest you use the classic app). This will load the security manager here you can see if you have monitoring enabled and what sensors you have. Click on the Gear in the upper right and make sure you go through the process of having the sensors setup. it should require you to to through a walk through test.

Yeah, neither of those sensors show up as monitorable. I just got off the phone with Samsung Smartthings support, I talked with a pleasant young lady named Zina (she was awesome!) who sent me the instructions to do the reset and where to find the QR code without the sticker. Save my bacon for sure! Anyway, I am going to test that tonight, and try to get it going and get them set up for monitoring. I probably did something different, just don’t know what…

I am getting some confusing feedback from ST support. The first guy I talked to said plain and simple the Iris 2nd gen sensors would not work period with an ADT panel, and while I know they can’t generate an ADT alarm event, I can use them with other automations to monitor things that don’t need alarms.

I’m probably going to try to integrate my iris cameras into this system as well, 1 for each side yard, 1 for the inside of the shop, and 1 for the living room. Rumor has it that there can be some setup done to allow recording of video from these cameras. I would like to for example if an alarm event is triggered, the cameras all start recording video.

You may want to try the ADT Tools routine for triggering video. It has a option to do so. May or may not work depending if the camera DTH supports the video capture capability.

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Getting there… found a bad Sensor getting Samsung to ship a replacement.

Okay I considered starting a new thread, but I figured this was the thread about my ADT Smartthings / Ring build, but here is the status.

#1. All but the replacement in door and window sensors (detectors) are in. I am swapping out the 2nd generation Iris contact sensors tonight. These are custom setups as tilt sensors. I will show that configuration once done. Pretty simple and reliable. The failed sensor space is to get one of the sensors tonight.
#2. The replacement Ring floodlight cam is still pending arrival. God and Fedex willing I will be able to install this weekend.
#3. The 4 smart bulbs came in today. My front door light automation will be done tonight. The other two will be going into the front hallway fixture. Assuming I can keep my wife from flipping the switch on and off…

Planned updates / changes.
#1. Install / configuration of ADT Tools 2 and setting up actions to trigger my lights and sirens with an alarm. Hopefully dig through and see if I can get my Ring camera functions avaialble.
#2. Dig into the custom DTHes and see if I can’t enable my Iris OC821s. I have 4 of them, I’d like to keep using the ones on the sides of the house, and then move the ones that were on front / back inside for monitoring the workshop and main part of the house.
#3. Obtain and Install / configure the Hampton Bay celing fan / light controls in the ceiling fans.
#4. Decide if I am going to add a light kit to kitchen celing fan, if so, obtain and install light kit, and the Hampton Bay controller, failing that, install fan only wall controller.
#5. Obtain / install on off switches for front porch light, driveway light, workshop lighting, guest bath, bedroom hallway, and deck light.
#6. Obtain / install dimmer switches for Master vanity, master bath.
#7. Obtain / install 3 way set for guest vanity and front hallway.
#8. Obtain / install water leak sensors.
#9. Obtain / install hose controllers similar to Iris Orbit garden hose controllers.
#10. Continue deploying Echo dots through the rooms for voice control and Alexa Guard listeners.

I don’t need to automate my coffee maker, I have a preset timer for when I get up in the morning for work, so one button while I am loading it. The Echo Dots provide music or news in the getting ready for work times, Need to figure out Alexa automations still. Would like a slowly increasing volume to gently get me up instead of simple on / off…

Aside from lighting and alerts, some of the automations I am looking to do will require thermal sensing capability that sadly I don’t see in the ADT / Smartthings sensors. So that begs the question. What sensors can I use to accurately and affordably guage temperature in each room of hte house? The idea is to trigger ceiling fans and speeds at certain temperatures prior to kicking the AC on.

So what else can Smartthings do for me? How can it, that I haven’t listed, make my home more secure, comfortable, safer, and energy efficient?

Don’t forget Alexa has a skill for arming and disarming the ADT Smartthings Alarm panel.

I use Ecobee as my home thermostat with remote ecobee room sensors. They seem pretty good for temp. The motion detection has a long cool down though so not great for automations. I also use a aeotec multisensor sensor which is pretty good if you need all of the sensors it has. The last sensor I like for temp ironically is a iris gen 2 door/window sensor. I have had it for a while since it was the first sensor I got after my initial smartthings purchase. The best thing about them is they are officially supported so no worries about DTH’s and if they will work in the new app.