SmartThings ADT Water Leak Detector (zigbee) 9.99 @ Best Buy

The leak sensors are zigbee–no ADT panel required.

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They must have sold out quickly. They’re no longer available for shipping. In my case, not available in a store within a 250 mi radius.

But it does require an ADT hub, correct?


It says that, but this device is zigbee, unlike the other ADT/ST devices that are 900 mhz. So it will work with any SmartThings hub.

Weird, it’s still showing available for shipping for me.

No, does not require the ADT hub. I was able to pair them to ST v2 without any issue.

Thanks. I tried again. I had to reduce the quantity to 2 to get it to go through. I started off trying to buy 5.

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I just bought 5 of the $20 ST ones a couple weeks ago

Who knows how these things work. :thinking:

I went back and ordered three and it went through this time. I had a $20 rewards certificate that I wanted to use and it wouldn’t work with just two because the total didn’t exceed $20. So the obvious solution was to go back and try to buy three more, lol. :roll_eyes:

Wonder if Best Buy is clearing out SmartThings ADT stuff. After I placed order for two leak detectors the website offered some other ST ADT devices for similar low prices

Maybe because of this


Let’s you order 3. No more than that.
Conveniently, that keeps you below $35 for free shipping.
Wanted to charge $6.49 for shipping, so added $5 of filler instead to get over the $35 free shipping threshold.

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Temperature monitoring included in this sensor?

Noted that door and window sensor was 5 bucks, motion sensor 10 bucks…

The water sensor does have temp.

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I ordered two of the ADT SmartThings leak sensors.

I got one leak sensor that is round, branded ADT SmartThings and one that is more rectangular, branded Samsung SmartThings. Wonder if BB depleted their stock on the ADT sensors.

Both paired with my V2 SmartThings hub and are reporting with no issues.

Yes, it does show temperature.

I’ve got one of these in my garage by water softener and heater. Also had a Samsung motion sensor that measures temperature in the garage above the door into the house, about 10ft away from the leak detector.

There’s about a 5 or 6 degree difference in the temperatures between the two sensors. So I guess the leak detector is registering temperature of the concrete floor.

Is anyone else having an issue with them going offline after a day or 2? I put one under my kitchen sink and I have to keep adding it back to the app. There is a Samsung plug within 20ft from this and I did the zigbee mesh reset by unplugging the hub without batteries for at least 1/2 hour so I would think it’s connected to the plug instead of my hub. Thanks.

I’ve had two connected for over a week with no issues.

Thanks. I may need to keep it close to the hub for a few days to see if I have a dud.