OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED Smart Connected Light A19 On/Off/Dim

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to ask/confirm if the said bulbs connect to ST’s hub directly, or is there a need to install Osram’s kit or hub?

I am looking to make these part of doors open/close routines, will be paired with ST’s Multi-purpose Sensors. Does anyone have experience with these &/or any feedback?



I have an Osram rgb lighting strip and one Osram rgb bulb and they both work directly with ST hub nothing else

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you don’t need the kit. I have 4 of the tunable white bulbs, and they work without any issues for me.

You only need the gateway if the devices are not performing as expected so you can update the firmware on the bulbs. Many community members have the gateway for this sole reason. Osram releases updates every now and then and every lightify product I have had needed an update. If you have any issues with your lights such as connectivity you will want to look into it. My recommendation is that if you are going to invest in them to pick up the gateway.

Is this bulb support 220 VAC ?