Different events based on motion detection of outdoor or indoor cameras

I have an Arlo Pro system with 2 indoor and 2 outdoor cameras. When on holiday I would like different events to occur depending on if it is the outdoor or indoor camera that detects motion.


  • If motion is detected on either of 2 outdoor cameras - lights are switched on and the Sonos-system plays dog barking sounds.
  • If motion is detected indoors on either of 2 indoor cameras - the Arlo base station siren triggers.

How can this be done?

I don’t have arlo cameras, but assuming both the motion sensors in the cameras and the alarm in the base station are seen as individual devices by ST, you could do this a few ways. How exactly to do so probably depends on whether you currently use Smart Home Monitor’s security alerts or not. Here’s one method that should work.

  1. Setup your SHM security settings so that “armed away” status includes monitoring of the indoor camera motion sensors, and trigger the siren when motion is detected.
  2. Create a custom monitoring rule in SHM so that when the outdoor motion sensors detect motion, that triggers an audio notification from your sonos.
  3. For both steps 1 and 2, restrict the alerts to “away” mode, then create a routine that changes to away mode and arms SHM to “away status.” You could set this routine to trigger when your phone leaves home, or you could manually trigger the routine only when you’re actually leaving on holiday (as opposed to every time your phone leaves the house).
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