SHM Custom Sound - Please enable!


How infuriating is it that in SMH you cannot create a custom sound alert?

I really don’t want to purchase sirens as I have multiple Sonos speakers throughout the house and sirens will be an unnecessary extra cost and more unnecessary wireless waves. Please, please, please give us the ability to add custom sounds to SMH (I’m not on about the Notify with Sound app) or explain why this is not possible.

(Mark) #2

In your SHM notification settings for the alert, you can send an sms message. Then you can create a new contact in your phone from the # that SmartThings usually texts you from, and set a custom sound for texts from that #. At least we can do that in the US, try it out in the UK.

Only problem is if you have any other smartapps set to send an sms message, then it’ll always make that alert sound when you receive a text.


Hi and thanks for your reply.

What I’m trying to achieve is an alarm sound on my Sonos through SHM that lasts more than 10 seconds when the home is set to armed. I am able to add custom sounds to the Notify Me app but not in SHM 'Audio Notifications. I don’t want to purchase additional sirens.

(Andrew Taylor) #4

I jailbroke my iPhone so I could install custom notification sounds!

(Roy) #5


What about using the Ask Alexa integration, to play what you want to whichever speakers you want?



Not sure how that would work, but anyway would mean that I have to purchase an Amazon Echo / Dot, so I think defeats the purpose. Thanks anyway.

(Roy) #7

Ah stupid me, a massive assumption on my part. Apologies.