Differant notification sound for Security

Does any know a way of sounding a different sound on phone (Android) when there is a security alert as the Smatthings app only appears to have one notification option for all notifications.

For instance

Notifications on routines such as Goodbye, I’m Back as on sound
Notifications on intrusion detected as another sound.

Use a push message for non-security alerts, and for security alerts set ST to send you an sms message. You can store the # that your ST hub uses as a contact in your phone, and set a different alert for text messages from that contact.

I don’t have an android phone, so I don’t know for sure whether the app can use different notification sounds. On iOS I can’t, so I use the above method.

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Another tip:

If you have Android. Buy Tasker. Intercept the notification from SmartThings in Tasker and create your desired sounds.