Automations stopped after Migration

hello Users and Experts,
Forgive me for posting this. I am a little frustrated. After the Migration from Classic to the New ST App. My automations stopped.

  1. Using Samsung S10 and IOS phones for presence.
  2. As I arrive: Unlock Garage DIRECT door, AC to 74, backyard waterfall On
  3. As I leave: Lock ALL doors, AC to 80, waterfall OFF

Simple as that. Was working Great in Classic ST. In the New ST I would get the arrival and leaving notification…but No Automations /Scenes would trigger.

I got soo fed up. I deleted the Automations in the New ST App (previously migrated over) and re-built New Automations with the SAME commands. No dice…still doesn’t work. I have checked and confirmed my Geo-Location and the Samsung and IOS are detected and working correctly. Am I missing something?
Any replies are appreciated.
Here are my screen shots of the settings

Not just you buddy. I’m beyond frustrated. Nothing is working on my end. Home automation isn’t so automated anymore.

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That really bites

I haven’t tried …instead of using presence…instead
I wonder if I can trigger Automations by opening Nexx Garage.

I dont really want to go this route

I didn’t have time to read the response. I thankyou!!!
I just arrived home…and It’s working!!!
Thankyou for replying all hope is not lost.
I just need to wind down and get settled in.

I have been a ST user since 2014. Very slow at adding new Zwave automations…
I didn’t want to rush into things. I just added Nexx Garage and Alexa… right after the migration

I’ve got inspired to do more automations around the house since the Covid stay home virus has been going on

Thankyou again!!!

I just need to TEST…my AWAY ByeBye automation now

So how did you get this working? What was the fix?

The presence in the new app needs to be setup
I was soo frustrated I deleted my old Home and Away automations.
I also checked the New app presence.
Let me see if I can post a few screen shots for you