DFW SmartThingers Survey

Anyone in the Dallas Fort Worth area interesting in getting together to discuss ideas, implementations, etc?

I would be interested in that.

Let me know when and where, I live in the Mansfield area.

I’m in Tulsa; I might drive down.

I’m in the area and would be interested depending on timing/location.

@Kaleb FYI.

I was just about to tag you into this after seeing your location on twitter.

Sure, I’m interested.

I would be interested as well!! Has anything been planned yet?

Nothing has been planned yet, I was still seeing how many people would be interested. Looks like there is some decent interest, what kind of format would people like to see for a get together?

We can plan couple of hours or so over one of the weekends …As far as the agenda goes, we can discuss about 1. Development Options 2. SmartThings Integrations/Ideas 3. Hardware options for myThings 4. Next Steps…
These are just suggestions… We can always elaborate and determine what everyone wants to discuss the most…
Plus we also need to determine a meeting place…Considering Dallas is pretty cold these days…has to be an indoor place…

Do we want to do this in Spring? Seems like suddenly there is not a lot of interest :frowning:

Sorry, work has been running my life lately. I have no issues with the spring. We ever figure out a possible location?

Lets target for March 28th 2015 - Its a Saturday and gives everyone enough time to plan . We can meet around Lunch time at the Grapevine Mills mall - at the food court - Since the mall is mid way between Dallas and Fortworth and close to major highways like 121, 114 and 635 / I-35.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

We should get in contact with a community college or public library that has an actual meeting space. If we want to share anything code related it would be nice to have a whiteboard and a projector.

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Sure. I wasn’t sure how much we all will be able to talk about in our first meeting. I think for the most part we will be discussing about what each other’s experience, what solutions each one have implemented and to better know about each other. Thats why I chose a public place so that we can break the ice. I was thinking of the second meeting to be more like what you said …in a public library or community college. But I am open to anything. Let all decide unanimously on something.

Getting a room on the weekend for half a day would run about 150 from the grapevine convention center, starts getting expensive if we want to rent out a projector, an additional 200.

I like the idea of having a quiet, dedicated area to talk and would be willing to contribute to the cost of a proper setup.

I would also prefer a dedicated meeting area. Like @jody.albritton mentioned, a community college or public library might be an option. Alternatively, if someone in the area has access to their offices during the weekend, that would be great.

A number of local user groups are ‘sponsored’ by a local business. For example, some of the PHP groups were using Yahoo offices in Plano and .NET user groups were using space at Microsoft’s Irving campus. I’m pretty sure some of the .NET user groups still have to pay some sort of fee at Microsoft though, so it would be ideal to have a meeting space like the public library or even a someone’s office.

There are acouple of home automation companies we could cold call to ask for a meeting location. If we leave the SmartThings specific name out of it and go more HA generic, we could also approach some of the big boxes.

Unfortunately, my office isn’t available for the weekends. Anyone else?

I have multiple spaces we could use, but I am actually 45 minutes south of Dallas in Corsicana.

Library may be a good option but in my local library you can reserve the conference room for just 2 hours… I can ask if they will extend, it needed.
As for my office, let me see if I can find a room and reserve it… I work for Ericsson, which is located in Plano, TX. Its north of Dallas - If you guys are interested I can find out.
As for the date, is everyone OK with March 28th? Or you want to meet earlier/later?